16th Jan 2002, 13:12

No, I reckon he didn't buy a Friday afternoon car, Vauxhalls are in general unreliable cars (especially Electrics, such as dash lights) You only have to look at all the other Vectra reviews to see that the majority of owners are not satisfied! Also, I think Mr. J.D.Power would agree with me.

19th Jan 2002, 14:02

This idea of a "Friday Afternoon Car" is rubbish! Robots don't have Friday afternoons! And if there is such a thing as a "Friday Afternoon Car" then all Vectras were built on Friday afternoons!

16th Dec 2004, 02:29

I have owned my '96 Vectra 1.8 GLS for around 3 and a half years and can't fault especially as it's done around 125,000 miles.

As for the comments on petrol consumption, not had a problem with that either!

Considering the age and amount of miles my vectra has done, the maintenance needed over & above servicing & MOT has been minimal.

I wouldn't hesitate in buying another!

7th May 2006, 07:03

Big disappointment!!!

Opel engines have a bad reputation, water-pump, oil-pump, all seals leaking...overall: crap.

11th Jun 2006, 10:33

Vauxhall is one of the most BEST runners ever, didn't you guys know that the Vauxall engine is bullet proof, tell me about any other make that's got the same reputation...

27th Jun 2006, 07:16

I have a X reg (01) Vectra. The engine is a Z18E.

The continuing problem I am experiencing is when the petrol tank is 1/4 full, the engine cuts out and kicks back in by itself. When turning right also, when low on petrol, it cuts out in forward drive, turning left or turning right. Vauxhall have had it on their machines and cannot find a fault. Has anybody experienced this problem?

15th Aug 2007, 13:50

I have had my 04 2.2 16v SRi for a while now. It handles really well; not quick off the mark, but once you get up to third gear you're off!!!

For a less than 7 grand car, all the extra's i.e. traction, cruise etc, it is a great buy.

19th Jan 2011, 10:19

I own a 1998 Vectra auto estate which has done 148,000 miles.

It's such a dog on petrol, costing me approx £18 for 100 miles... Surely this cannot be normal.

I love the car, but not its fuel economy.