16th May 2004, 16:56

I had my P reg Vectra from almost new and everything in the original comment went wrong with it, apart from the window falling out.

In addition the hand brake cable snapped at 30,000 miles and the handbrake return springs rusted away at 25,000 - not a major problem, but my dealer failed to spot it!

There must have been something about that car because I kept it until 2003 before trading it in - the longest I have ever kept a car. It was very comfortable to drive, had a good performance and if the repair bills are ignored it was economical for a family car.

If it was just engineered better it would have been a great motor however I am afraid that it has put me off buying another Vauxhall.

13th Jun 2004, 03:57

Just picked up a Vectra LS "R" 1998.

On cold startup there's this rather loud droning noise coming from the engine.

After a few seconds it ceases and back to the normal almost silent engine idle we go.

Is this a standard thing on some models I ask myself?!

Having done a little search here and there on the net, but with no success so far.

26th Jan 2005, 07:13

Vectra 1.8 ls r-reg.

I too have a strange sound upon starting in the morning, a bit like a hairdryer then after a few minutes it goes off, I also have had no luck in finding out what this is.

21st Feb 2005, 13:55

Before starting the engine, lift the bonnet then start the engine. Now go to the front of the car and you will notice the noise coming from a round object fitted to the inside of the nearside wing. We have just bought a 1996 Vectra LS and also wondered what this noise was. Still do not know what this contraption does. This car too has the same problems as above, but mechanically, these vehicles are excellent with many taxi firms using them for their reliability. I know of some cars that have done over 200,000 miles and are still going strong. Pity about the poor ECU and niggly electrical problems as these spoil what is essentially a good car.

14th Sep 2005, 16:44

Is the round object like a pulley? it is called a re-tensioner. It is recommended that the timing belt assembly and water pump be replaced or re-adjusted before 40KM.

27th Sep 2005, 09:32

Re: Noise on vectra engines on cold start.

It is nothing to worry about, it is just the "heat sheild"

The noise goes after a few minutes when engine warms up.

14th Oct 2005, 07:31

If your Vectra makes a "droning" or "whining" noise (perhaps like a hairdryer or washing machine) for about 20 seconds to 1.25 minutes after a cold start (time varies due to air temperature) it is most likely the Auxiliary Air Pump. This is a round black device partly lodged in the passenger wing of the engine bay. It's function is to pump fresh air into the exhaust to warm up the catalytic converter, reducing emissions during startup & preventing damage to the cat by the over rich mixture.

These air pumps fail very often, first the bearings wear out, you get a whining or grinding noise; then later, they sieze up & stop working completely.

The most usual reason they fail, is to to a faulty valve down near the exhaust manifold. This is a vacuum controlled valve, it's purpose is to open when the pump is running & to allow fresh air into the cat. When the pump turns off (under ECU control), the valve shut off too. However, as the valve wears, exhaust fumes leak back into the pump. The corrosive gas damages the pump, makes it wear out faster.

So, you need to change the pump & the valve to fix the problem. If you leave it too long, you may need to replace the cat, a very expensive job.

4th Jul 2007, 17:31

I got a Vectra from a car auction. I think it has been stood for about 5 months. The brakes hardly work. I have bled the brakes and still nothing. They might be seized. Not a clue, but I need help?

22nd Oct 2007, 06:55

Vauxhall Vectra 54 plate. The windscreen washers would not work. The nozzles have been blown with a air hose and the pump has been replaced with a vauxhall pump. Now the lever has to be pulled about four times before water appears on the screen and then it only dribbles about two inches up the screen. Can anyone suggest what is wrong as the garage can't fix it.

10th Jan 2008, 09:21

Re: windscreen washer.

Could it be as simple as a busted non return valve under the bonnet? about £1 from your local halfords.

25th May 2008, 03:48

I have a V Reg vauxhall vectra 2.2 automatic and the engine management light has come on. I'm supposed to be going to France in it tomorrow, and all the garages are shut because it's a bank holiday; should I drive it or not? Its not showing anything wrong at all.

19th Sep 2010, 13:14

I have a 1996 Vauxhall Vectra 2.0. Just before the engine management light comes on, the engine feels like it's misfiring, then the light comes on, then it stalls. I did take it to a Vauxhall outlet, when this first happened. Cam shaft sensor was replaced, then fuel line, then fuel temp sensor. The problem carried on; engine misses, management light came on, engine stalls. In the end, it happened to be HT leads needed replacing, the diagnostic was always saying cam shaft sensor code (after £450-500 it's happening again; I only had it replaced 3 years ago - fix it, or scrap it).