31st Jan 2001, 19:54

Vectra's are not as bad as you make out. If you look after them they'll look after you. If you batter them like me, then you're bound to get problems. I've had two problems on my 5 year old car, and that was a water pump and dodgy synchromesh in the gears.

7th Jul 2001, 12:34

One thing, there has never been a 1.8 turbo diesel Vectra, and there will never be a 1.8 turbo diesel Vectra.

Another thing is that I own a 2.0 Vectra and it is a brilliant car, fast, reliable, comfortable and a pleasure to drive.

25th Jan 2007, 17:54

I own a Vectra 2.5 V6 CDX and love it, this is my own car I bought second hand and the only real problem I have had was a faulty battery.

Handling is good and it's a pleasure to drive.

Having had a number of company cars over the years I chose Vauxhall again with a lot of experience, I'd recommend them.

On the darker side, I was unfortunate enough to get a Mondeo for a few months, the fuel gauge appeared to stick, I took it to a ford dealer in Milton Keynes who replaced the fuel gauge, but managed to break the air vent in doing so.

When I called to complain they said it was already broken, which it wasn't so then they (a ford main dealer) said that the car was 6 months old and these vents break after that time. (unbelievable).

So I phoned ford's customer service in the UK and they agreed with the dealer, that their cars are designed to last 6 months.

After this comment I got rid of the Mondeo and vowed never again to buy another Ford.

The truth is ALL cars have their problems, what you need is a good dealer near you who will sort them out without arguing, for that I can only praise my local Vauxhall dealers.

5th Mar 2008, 18:04

I've just part/x-ed by 2.5 V6 GLS estate for a 1.7TD coz it was costing me a small fortune in fuel running 'round town. Going to miss it incredibly. It was a great car that never let me down so am hoping that it's little brother will fill its boots!