14th May 2007, 14:03

I agree with you, some people are like sheep, they only care about the badge. saying that, nobody wants to drive around in a banger, but the GSI is far from that, it's a nice, good looking quality car. When I look at audis or BMW's unless its ones like the M3 or RS4 I just think, someone else with an audi A3, boring.

16th May 2007, 18:29

How much does a new BMW 318i cost or Audi A3 cost? How many do you see on the road? I see them everywhere, and very rarely give them a second glance. The Vectra GSi may be 'just a Vauxhall' to most people, but to those who know about cars they command so much respect for what they are, NOT the badge they wear. They're one hell of a machine!! Decent ones are available for just a couple of grand now, which is about what new 318i would lose as soon as you drive it out of the showroom. I know where I'd rather put my money.

30th Nov 2007, 11:13

The Vauxhall is awful. I sold it within a month of buying it. Such little power out of such a big engine??

Also a BMW or Audi - not top of the range of course would be cheaper in the long run as you don't spend £100s on repairs and spare parts. Although I too did try to race everything on the road when I had mine, so I can't really judge, but when you do get a fast car you tend to find that you won't really race, because you don't need to. I agree that most Audis are a bit dull, and so are some BMWs. Any other model than the Sports or M or S versions tend to be dull. Oh, and I really dig the use of squire!

5th May 2009, 04:21

LOL the ladder motorbike comment made me chuckle. I'm the guy who wrote the original review. I agree that a Vectra hasn't quite got the cachet of a BMW or Audi and that wasn't really what I was trying to establish.

What I meant was that owners of more prestigious cars get awfully hacked off if someone in a "rep-mobile" outguns them.

I had a (good natured) race once with a Subaru Imprezza WRX. The Scooby whilst quicker in the initial burst of acceleration qcouldn't quite live with my GSi at the upper reaches of acceleration. The GSi is relatively high geared but 2nd and 3rd gear were pretty rapid. The Scooby eventually gave up as my 3rd gear acceleration allowed me to (safely) overtake him while he had to change gears. When we pulled up at some lights the chap wound down his window and asked if I'd modifed the car - which I hadn't.

Anyway it was good while it lasted. I wouldn't have another one (Insignia included) as Vauxhall dealers are a pretty inept bunch and the car had the build quality of something made from Lego. These days I'd have a BMW/Audi any day over it.

But don't knock what you've never tried squire!

9th Jun 2009, 14:59

I love my Vauxhall Vectra GSI cos it's a ex police car.