3rd Mar 2006, 07:24

Well I am back again to update my review, and thanks to those who have commented. It's now been nearly 2 years that I've owned the car and its now at just over 50,000 miles. Since purchase the only fault was a broken wiper linkage that was replaced under warranty. The problem I mentioned before about the engine light coming on occasionally and loss of power has been resolved through a software update. Car is still driving as smooth as the day I purchased it, though tyre noise seems to be getting worse (the dealer reckons its just the way the tyres have worn). Anyway to overcome the increased road noise, I decided to upgrade the audio system once again. I've replaced the sat nav siemens system with a double din adaptor and the new alpine cde-9850ri head unit - complete with ipod interface! Even using the standard factory fit speakers it sounds great, much stronger top mid range and amazing definition.. but those back door speakers are absolutely pathetic! Well... fortunately I don't sit in the back! Maybe a sub woofer is next...

I've no plans yet to change the car, though I'm guessing the manufacturers warranty must be up soon. So if anything is going to go wrong, hope its sooner than later!

Few more little mods I have in mind... may change the courtesy lamp for the map lights version, looks to be easy enough. Would also like to add some tweeters in the rear doors, as provision for them is already in place.. just no wiring.

The engine is running sweet, just having the standard service intervals and oil changes, plenty of windscreen washer fluid for this wonderful wintry weather and driving it gently on the motorway cruise back and forth to work at around 60mph. Headlamp bulbs eventually blew after 40,000 miles, I was amazed that the offside one blew only a day after the nearside.. now that's quality control! Nice that the info display even showed me a picture of which bulb had failed!

I'll keep you all informed as to how the car continues to perform, but for now I can thoroughly recommend this vehicle!


30th Oct 2008, 17:22

Yep I am back again, it's now November 2008 and I've still got my Vectra SRI. I've now covered 114,000 miles and so far it's still going great. Other than changing the rear shock absorbers, I've had no problems. Still on the original exhaust, original brake pads and discs, clutch and other bits.

Fuel economy seems fine, on my motorway journey to work I am averaging 700 miles a tank. Probably the only routine expense is the tyres, currently replacing the fronts about once a year, which at 24,000 miles is OK. Finding the door switch panel for the electric windows a bit sticky on times, but otherwise fine. Great car!

13th Aug 2010, 17:44

Excellent reviews. Thank you.