4th Dec 2008, 04:23

Just to add, I have a 2008 Vectra estate which was parked facing downhill, it has just run away causing damage to the front bumper. The car was left with the handbake on as this was a usual function (I live on a hill!). I have the sticker on the visor as well!

31st Dec 2008, 06:11

Hi everyone, I was alarmed to hear your comments on the Vectra as I have a 54 plate; not had a problem yet touch wood.

A possible solution to your problems would be to collectively get engineers reports done on your cars; if you have independent reports proving what you claim to be true, and I'm not questioning it for one second, you can use this to send copies to Vauxhall, tell them you're considering putting all your information on you-tube and the Top Gear show, even motoring magazines, but make sure you're totally sure of your facts. If you have video evidence to help prove what you say, all the better.

If as you say the police know of the problem, then you may somewhere find they have a report. Whatever you do, do it together.

22nd Jan 2009, 07:03

My previous car was a runaway...it ran down the hill around 20 minutes after I parked it. I received a letter with a sticker from Vauxhall stating that the car should be parked in gear. I had to pay (like many others) for the damage and requested the handbrake be checked by the Vauxhall dealer repairing the car... to no avail. I traded my car in for another Vectra and have just received a letter from Vauxhall recalling Vectras for the handbrake to be checked. My insurance company are now looking into this matter.

2nd Feb 2009, 07:17

My husband and I drive a 2006 Vauxhall Vectra Exclusive.

We have approximately 58,000 miles done when the floating flywheel in the clutch gave way and caused £900 worth of damage, as the whole lot has to be replaced.

When trying to get parts, we had to wait as there was such a demand. (What does that tell you?) APPARENTLY THE FLOATING FLYWHEEL IS NOT IN THE NEW INSIGNIA.

Within 2 months the car heated up very quickly and my husband stopped the car to let it cool down. Just as well, as the crank shaft pulley went, causing the timing belt to burn, thankfully not nip.

This of course meant that we had another £300 worth of goodies to get for our car. Although I have not yet written to Vauxhall, I was wondering if anyone else had a similar problem?

13th Feb 2009, 12:41

Having bought an 07 1.8 SRi Vectra in April last year, I parked it on my drive which is on a slight incline, the handbrake released and rolled back (luckily, as my children who where also on the drive) into my garage door, causing damage to the car and garage door. I got in touch with my local dealer who informed me that Vauxhall would be calling this model back to put a new spring in the handbrake, but then implied that I hadn't put the handbrake on correctly in the first place.

Hoping to hear from them soon to discuss compensation.

What are the chances of that happening???

Peeeeeedoffffff Vauxhall owner.

18th Apr 2009, 02:24

Parked our (07) plate Vectra estate in a cemetery, and after being there for approx 20 minutes it gently rolled away coming to rest on a grave stone causing damage to both the grave stone and the vehicle.

Have written to Vauxhall several times and still they avoid the question of how a vehicle parked for 20 minutes plus can suddenly roll off with the hand brake applied. Surely a parking brake should do what it says??? Vauxhall executive support are like ostriches, and have their head buried in the sand. Think I will buy a Ford next time.

24th Jul 2009, 07:55

I would get rid of it just like I have now done with my Vectra!!!

20th Dec 2009, 16:11

I have driven buses, HGVs, cars for 49 years and have always parked with vehicle left in gear. It's an extra handbrake so why not do it. It's so simple, and when you get back in the next time, you always check to make sure it's out of gear when you start it up. Remember your driving test.

24th Apr 2010, 07:58

Still no problem with the handbrake, clicking sound was the fan that keeps the internal air in the car. Had to get it disconnected. It's fine now. I love my Vectra...


7th Jun 2010, 16:21

My Vauxhall Vectra 1.6 2001, which I parked on the drive and applied the hand brake as usual, has rolled into another parking car, causing damage both my car and the 3rd party car. I've lost my no claims and my access due to this handbrake deficiency syndrome. Hopefully the Vauxhall company will accept the liability of all these complaints and recall all those faulty cars before it is too late. Any help, feel free.

12th Jul 2010, 15:57

I now have a problem with the spanner and picture of a car illuminating on the dash, turbo cuts out; goes into limp home mode. Been to Vauxhall, put a new turbo boost sensor on. That didn't achieve a thing; did the same ten minutes later, oh that's 230 +. Now they say it's a little plastic part that sits on top of the ECU. They can't find the part no. to order me one; it's a complete joke. Have to keep ringing em, hope to get it sorted soon.

I still love my Vectra though, getting into the habit of parking in gear now, just engage gear then turn off with the clutch in.

Vectras rule all other cars drooooool... LOL.

1st Aug 2010, 13:46

Yeah they fitted that, still not much better - seems to come on more uphill, then limp home mode and lack of power.

Cost me 500 + at Vauxhall, and they say the turbo's gone and want around 2,500 to fix it.

Am now flushing it out with Redex; a bottle to say 15 quids worth of diesel, seems to be better fingers crossed - touch wood and all that...

Mine;s a Vectra CDTi V6 SRi; still love it though.

10th Apr 2013, 15:42

Email sent to customer care email address - doubt I will hear anything back... Any help appreciated.

Dear Sir / Madam,

I write in absolute frustration and complete disbelief at the way I have been dealt with today.

I booked my Vectra (DU56OOV) in for a repair at Milton Keynes Evans Halshaw Vauxhall. Upon arriving, I parked in the customer parking area, applied the handbrake, removed some paperwork from the rear of the vehicle and proceeded to book in at the service desk.

After 15 minutes or so, I left and awaited my lift out on the main road, at which point a member of staff came running over to inform me my vehicle had rolled into another vehicle. I proceeded to inspect the damage and then to the showroom to contact my insurance company, whereupon a member of staff announced without any form of discretion that “I must have incorrectly applied the handbrake”. This was a rude and demeaning assumption to make considering that applying the handbrake is not a difficult or complex procedure, and also that I am 28 and have been driving for 13 years. I also hold a full HGV licence and drive professionally for a living. No mention of any known issues regarding handbrakes was made by any members of staff, and I was left feeling embarrassed, humiliated and totally ashamed.

Arriving home, a family member mentioned having heard of Vectra’s with handbrake issues and recommended I “googled” to see if any further info was available. I was amazed to find literally thousands of other owners who have experienced the exact same sequence of events as myself. Cars rolling away after having applied the handbrake. Furthermore Vauxhall are completely aware of the issue, and even issued a recall to fit a stronger spring to affected vehicles. I have since confirmed my vehicle has had the spring fitted, but extensive reading online confirms that even after having this fix applied, that if the handbrake is applied whilst pushing the button in (which is the way all UK drivers are taught) then there is still the potential for the parking brake to release and send the vehicle on a potentially fatal collision course. There is some guidance online relating to leaving the vehicle in gear regardless of the severity of any incline that the vehicle has been left on. Whilst I acknowledge that on “steep” inclines then this is best practice, I have confirmed with the DVLA that this is not “standard” test level requirements for slight inclines, and one person reports having received a “minor fault” on their DVLA driving test for leaving the vehicle in gear, completely invalidating Vauxhall’s advice.

I contacted Vauxhall customer services (Ref: 658935558) only to be told the same rude and demeaning information, citing the blame to be mine for not correctly applying the handbrake. Surely it is implausible to accuse literally thousands of Vectra and Signum drivers of not being able to apply a handbrake correctly.....?

I have had to spend £300 excess on my insurance policy, and also lose my no claims bonus. In all the years I have been driving I have never ever had to make a claim, and am appalled at being forced into a situation where I am financially out of pocket due to what is clearly a defective handbrake assembly, even when modified by Vauxhall’s fix.

It is not acceptable to issue advice to owners without affixing something permanently in vehicles notifying of this potentially deadly flaw in design. I have purchased the vehicle 2nd hand, and as such do not have the luxury of having been contacted by Vauxhall, and did not receive any information from the previous owner detailing this potentially fatal flaw. When all drivers in the UK are trained to pull the handbrake up firmly with the button pushed in, and then release the button, and only to leave a car in gear where there is a “steep” incline, then you cannot expect people to automatically know that Vauxhall Vectras require the complete opposite in order to avoid costly and potentially fatal consequences. A handbrake should work in the traditional way all hand brakes have worked, and to infer that the vehicle should be left in gear at all times is a clear indication that the handbrake is not fit for purpose, and as such should be remedied with immediate effect.

I appreciate fully that you have conducted tests, and find that when locked in place and secured carefully, then the handbrake has proved to be effective, however your method of securing the handbrake, and the vehicle, is contrary to the way in which people are taught, and where a fundamental change in the way we operate standard devices is introduced, it should be communicated in explicit fashion, such as is the case with the rear facing child seat warnings in cars nowadays. You must realise that cars are not owned by the initial purchaser for the life of them, they are sold on many times and change hands repeatedly... If we assume each car is sold 15 times in its life and 250,000 Vectra’s / Signums are affected, then there is huge potential for some serious and fatal incidents if no compulsory warning / or recall fix is introduced to remedy this, as the current recall fix of a strengthened spring obviously is not sufficient. I have replicated the “roll away” on my vehicle and my neighbour's Vectra, obviously with me sat inside in order that I can hit the foot brake and avoid a collision.

I look forward to your prompt reply, as my faith in Vauxhall and its ability to keep myself and my passengers safe is waning considerably. My grandmother worked for Vauxhall for many years in Luton, and assured me they were a very reliable brand to go with. I hope your response and subsequent actions restore the faith that my grandmother and I had in the brand. I would also hope that Vauxhall make some sort of gesture in relation to the significant financial loss I have incurred due to a known fault with the vehicle. I’m just thankful that on this occasion no one was killed or seriously injured as a result of poor design / workmanship.

Yours Sincerely, Richard Eaton