3rd Dec 2006, 04:16

'Plainly then, the show producers thought it would be a great idea, to tell The Stig, to turn the Traction Control off and drive the Vectra like a complete idiot.'

Turning the traction control would make the car oversteer, not understeer. Clarkson didn't have to set it up to be that bad round the track, because it really is... that bad.

However the majority of Vauxhall Vectras are never going to see a track in their lifetime, so really it doesn't matter how it handles on a track, as long as it copes on public roads, and that it does.

3rd Dec 2006, 11:20

I've driven a Vectra VXR, and it really does understeer badly when pushed hard with the Traction Control off, but it handles quite well with the traction control on and it feels much better poised than the Astra VXR.

In my opinion the Vectra VXR is fairly decent car for the price, the performance is very good indeed. Although it could have been a REALLY GOOD car, if Vauxhall made it as 4WD.

Hey Vauxhall! Cavalier 4x4 Turbo... does it ring a bell???

3rd Dec 2006, 11:24

I agree with the first comment. In my opinion the TG review was clearly exaggerated to depreciate the VXR, because of him totally disliking the Vectra.

If you push it hard, RWD tend to oversteer; only good round the track where you can afford to lose the rear of the car while not losing your life.

If you push it hard, FWD tend to understeer, which is supposedly to be safer than oversteer. Thing is though, it is possible to make a FWD car oversteer. Gather some speed, apply the Scandinavian Flick before entering a corner and watch the tail slide.

3rd Dec 2006, 16:05

The review was about a cdti SRI.. not the VXR!!!

19th May 2010, 17:18

Honda Civic Type R slower than the SRi? I think you will find the Civic was faster than the VXR.