1967 Vauxhall Viva HB 1.1 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Questionable British Quality


The main bearing in the gearbox collapsed in third while I was out driving.

It cruised OK all the way home, although starting from intersections was challenging.

The generator died and had to be replaced. The brake system had to be overhauled. The engine blew out copious amounts of smoke.

I went through four litres of oil a month.

General Comments:

This was my first car after getting my licence I paid $850.00 NZ for it The car ran OK for a year before I got sick of paying for repairs. It wasn't the most tidy car around, but it was mine.

One other thing that happened that wasn't really the car's fault; my mother broke her arm on it after going into the garage to get something; she tripped and fell against it.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Don't Know

Review Date: 21st June, 2008