1968 Vauxhall Viva HL 1.2 petrol from UK and Ireland


This HB series Viva was the best of the lot


Cannot remember fully after so long, but it did need

Clutch replaced

I think the starter motor needed attention

Replaced one or two wheel bearings

Nothing much else.

General Comments:

This car, like my previous Viva, had been bought new by my father, so when I bought it at 2 years old in 1970 I knew the service history. I was running a Hillman Imp at the time, and it was a good chance to trade up to something with 4 doors and a bit more space and comfort

This was the HB model Viva, and I really liked this car. The flare along the side gave it a classic "Coke bottle" shape, and the deep gloss black colour showed it to best advantage.

This car was the better specified version in the range- more upmarket that the base model, with deep comfortable seats, and nice to drive. All round it had a much better interior than the previous HA model and was a more competent vehicle. I toured Europe in it with no problems.

The rust problem was not as bad on this model as on the HA model Viva, but by 4 years old it was showing some signs of rust bubbling, but not too bad. It could have gone on for a few more years, but I decided in 1972 to trade it in for a new Hillman Avenger GT Automatic - big mistake - the oil crisis started to bite soon after and a thirsty auto was not a good choice.

When my father sold me the HB series Viva he replaced it with the HC series which I did not like at all - it had a different body shape, and was a whole different car to drive - the HB series was nicer.

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Review Date: 26th February, 2003