1980 Vauxhall Viva L 1.3 cc HC petrol from UK and Ireland


A cheap runabout with a bit of style


34K-Badly repaired clutch cable broke.

43K-Head gasket and piston rings went (replaced engine + g/box)

47K-Head gasket blew.

General rust and rot repaired as and when required/discovered!

General Comments:

The car goes alright - in a straight line. Any help or advice on how to improve the handling relatively cheaply would be greatly appreciated.

I ran a mk2 Astra before this Viva (my second one) and although the Viva is slower its so much better made and more solid I'd have one instead of an Astra anyday.

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Review Date: 22nd May, 2002

9th Oct 2005, 03:30


If you want to make the Viva be sportier to handle, I would suggest the following:

A) Get a set of wider rim wheels with the same PCD (pitch circle diameter) and offset, as fitted to the Vauxhall Magnum (essentially a larger engined, more luxuriously appointed Viva) that will allow the fitment of larger section radial ply tyres.

The car corners better on 175/70 x 13s i/o the skinny 155 x 13s originally fitted. You could go for 185/70 x 13s as well with the wider wheels, but be careful of fouling the arches under full load.

B) Fit anti-roll bars front and rear.

C) Have your shocks checked - they could be worn and causing the car to roll and pitch markedly.