2003 Vauxhall VX220 2.2 NA from UK and Ireland


The essence of driving in a jewel-like package


Engine mount sheared. A £80 bolt-on repair.

Nothing else at all has gone wrong.

General Comments:

I saw a VX220 at the 2002 car show in Birmingham and fell in love. I saved up and bought one the next year.

The car is basically a Lotus with added GM reliability, and has proven very sturdy.

It is not quite so fast as the VX 220 turbo, but handles much better and is plenty quick enough for English roads.

The handling and communication is unimaginably brilliant to anyone not accustomed to racing cars or super cars. 60 MPH feels like 100 in this car, such is the rawness of the drive.

It rides much more comfortably than anybody might imagine, and certainly is not a bad long distance tourer.

Beautiful, fast, wonderful handling and reliable - so what are the downsides?

Well the bodywork is very vulnerable, being fibreglass, and there is zero sound proofing in the car so it is a noisy drive. Such a wonderful car, that I have now owned it ten years from new, and have not driven anything yet that drives better.

A real pity that they are not made anymore.

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Review Date: 11th June, 2013

7th Jul 2013, 14:09

Original poster here:

Took my VX to the Auto Italia car show in Leicester today. In such lovely weather the VX just can't be criticized: roof off, windows down, steering wheel writhing in the palms, engine thrumming away behind the head.

The ride is far, far better than you might think when cruising on flat-ish roads, and it's pretty comfy.

It even attracted a few photographers at the car show!

20th Apr 2016, 06:47

Original poster here again:

Every winter I consider selling this car: it is an awful everyday car. Noisy, cramped, poor visibility, poor ventilation, heavy low speed steering... dreadful.

Then every spring I take a drive and I am transported by the incredible purity of the drive.

A good clean and my first long drive of the year to Ipswich and back has me singing the VX220's praises. If there's a more engaging drive at any price, I'd be very surprised.

Awesome bargains now at around ten grand for a minter. Just get ready to SORN it every November :)

2nd Sep 2016, 11:47

Original poster here - well after thirteen wonderful years I sold the VX.

It retained a stack of value as it deserved to, and gave huge amounts of fun to me. It never let me down and provided me with some of the drives of my life.

And it is the most head turning car I ever drove.

Thanks for all the adventures beautiful :')

13th Sep 2016, 13:29

What did you replace the VX with?... and thanks for your comments so far, I am very interested in having one as a second car as an antidote to the Focus.

14th Sep 2016, 14:21


I replaced my VX and my mint old E39 saloon with an Astra GTC VXR. It will be my only car for a while. It's very different.

The VX220 is a glorious thing that surpasses its role as just a transport, and instead becomes a communication device. Brilliant. Get one while they can be got.

2000 Vauxhall VX220 2.2 from UK and Ireland


Go and buy one!



General Comments:

At the time I was thinking about buying this car my heart was saying yes and my head was saying; "are you really really sure about this?". To be honest I wasn't. I'd always loved the look of the car, I knew that it was a brilliant drive, I knew the insurance costs were affordable, I knew that the engine and gearbox were pretty much bulletproof. I also knew that it was hopelessly impractical, things might start falling off it and it might be unreliable. I was also aware that the creature comforts I had been used to in my last car would be replaced by a footbrace and a start button.

So, 1000 miles later, having used the car as daily transport I can report that the heart won out over the head and the head is now convinced that the heart was right all along.

Good points include the noise (Vauxhall Sport Exhaust fitted), which is brilliant. The performance, which is outstanding. It turns heads like nothing else I've ever sat in and the boot is actually big enough for a weekend away with my girlfriend. It doesn't use much petrol. In short, its everything I wanted and more.

The bad points, it is a bit tricky to get in and out of and I can see that this will annoy me more when it gets cold and wet. Err that's it.

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Review Date: 30th August, 2005