15th Aug 2002, 06:40

Update on this car (from the owner)

No change with the oil usage, Vauxhall still say this is OK.

Just had the low vacuum problem fixed and a new sensor fitted to the clutch. The technician did a road test from Reading to Newbury, I don't mind this being done, but at a cost of 1/2 a tank of diesel and another two days insurance for the loan car, why should it come out of my pocket, after all, it's their faulty goods.

4th May 2004, 07:00

Update from the owner.

The car is now three years old and has just come out of it's warranty period, thankfully the oil consumption has now slowed down, I'm not using anywhere near as much oil as I was.

The engine management light still comes on, but again not as much as it did, seats have shut up too.

I'm happy with the car, I'm not saying that the original problems with the oil and light were acceptable, they weren't, but in general I'd recommend the model to anyone looking for a small people carrier, the new models should have had these problems ironed out by now.

30th Jan 2008, 03:57

I bought a 51 plate 2.0 DTi, and since the week I bought it in Sept 07, the engine management light comes on and off regularly. The garage didn't want to know, giving me the pass off every time I phoned. It's been like it now for 8 months and still drives as it should. The light never stays on more than a minute or two, making it impossible to have the car tested.

21st Oct 2010, 05:58

Update from owner.

Wow, how time flies. 9 years after buying the car and I can honestly say I'd never buy one again, I sold it in February 2007 and bought an MG ZT CDTI and never looked back.

It took an independent garage to tell me that the turbo had gone, Vauxhall probably knew from the start but never said, and the non-return valve in the fuel line stuck open so I had to park the car with the nose down else it wouldn't start.

Vauxhall have lost a customer for good, I don't even bother to look at their range now.

14th Apr 2014, 13:16

Update from owner. 12 years on.

Seven years into owning the ZT, I can say it's vastly a better car than the Zafira; just no 7 seat setup. Looking for a replacement for the ZT now; might go the Dacia way, still won't buy a Vauxhall.