19th Mar 2006, 15:35

His comment on sidewinds might have been down to a poor set of tyres. I note that he'd only had the car for 6 months when he wrote the review, and he'd probably only done a couple of motorway trips in it. A lot of people have this sort of car just for the weekend, so in six months, he might have only done 500 miles or so.

I owned an Atlantique for two years, and never had a problem with sidewinds, but it did wear tyres unevenly at the front. This could easily cause it to wander all over the road unless you replaced them as needed. He probably got dodgy tyres from the dealer.

I expect he thought the wandering steering on the motorway was down to the cars light weight, whereas it was probably a bad road surface working against worn tyres.

Funnily enough I had the TT version with manual gearbox, and although admittedly a lot quicker than the auto. I had to have the gearbox replaced three times!!

The main problem for me was that the only place that really knew how to repair it properly was in Oxford (oselli) and they SERIOUSLY overcharge. Which is why I got rid of it.

I would suggest that any in UK considering this car speak to Oselli first and gasp at the servicing costs.

Absolutely stunning car though. Always felt special.

1st Dec 2006, 14:54

Hi, I'm thinking of buying a Venturi 300 twin turbo.

I havent heard a lot about them, but before I hand over any money could anyone tell me who or where you would get parts or any information?


N Ireland.

21st Jan 2007, 17:37

These cars are not difficult nor expensive to sort. I would suggest you join the Venturi Communaute site. These enthusiasts have been brilliant and very helpful. The 300 is wonderful. Fast, superb handling, very beautiful and... exclusive. All this and you can get golf clubs in the boot!!

7th Sep 2007, 20:22

About the fiberglass body thing...

One of Newtons Laws of Motion States,

For every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction.

Thus, if it were steel bodied, it would weight more. And that would take more inertia (the amount of energy it takes to make something START to move) If the car were fiberglass though, it would weigh less.

If the Car weighed lets say 10 lbs, it would take 10 lbs of force in a gust of wind to move it. But if the car weighed only 7 lbs because it had a fiberglass body, it would only take 7 lbs of force to move it.

So to sum up all these words, If his body were METAL, 30mph winds would do nothing. 50 mph winds might make it difficult to drive. If it were FIBERGLASS, 30mph winds could be disastrous and I don't even wanna know what 50mph winds would do.

Speaking in literal terms and hypothetically of course...

6th Apr 2008, 23:26

Hey I'm looking for a Venturi Atlantique 300 service manual. You know, the workshop style manual that tells you about all the parts and how to service it.

I'm not trying to find this because I own a Venturi - at least not yet! I'm trying to find it because I own a Delorean. And, the Venturi 300 has the same engine, so I am interested in the details of their turbocharger design so I can learn from their engineering when implementing my own turbocharger.

Any pointers?

5th Aug 2008, 13:06

The turbos are from Aerocharger and available at aerocharger.com. Service, oil, repairs and new turbos. These turbos have self-contained lubrication and need special oil available from these guys.