2003 Volga GAZ-3110 2.3 liter, gasoline, 136 h.p. from Russia


The cheapest business-class car you can find!


Nothing much went wrong so far - it's still almost brand-new.

The driver's side power window failed a couple of months ago and I still can't figure out what's wrong with it. I almost got it fixed today by taking apart and then reassembling the whole mechanism - it worked a couple of times and then stopped working again.

The horn stops working sometimes, but then suddenly starts again. The same happens with the turn indicators - I have been told that it's "normal" for all new Volga cars and to stop worrying about it.

The one I have is the new injector model, but old carburetor models have a tendency to stall for no apparent reason at all (I used to have the old one too). Carburetor adjustment sometimes helps. If this happens to you - just don't touch the choke! If you do, the engine overflows or something like it (I'm not much of a mechanic) and it becomes absolutely impossible to start for the next 15 minutes or so.

The first gear is sometimes difficult to shift, especially on cold mornings. Almost impossible to downshift to 2 from 4 gear despite the new "improved" gearbox. Although this might have something to do with the clutch - I'm not sure it's working properly.

General Comments:

It's a great car, especially for long trips.

It takes about 12-13 seconds to reach 100 kph (not bad, by the way. Not for a Russian car, at least). It cruises effortlessly at speeds up to 160-170 (I have personally driven it at 165), although the power steering takes some getting used to.

Fantastic clearance! I have no problems whatsoever with driving on the curb every now and then. I have even driven it over grass lawns when I was stuck in traffic. A pity it's not four wheel drive. In any case, in a Volga you can overcome any obstacle you might meet in the city.

The seats are more comfortable than in older models, although they leave something to be desired.

The windshield wipers are awful! They barely clear a third of the windscreen, so driving on dirty and muddy roads can be a problem.

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Review Date: 13th April, 2004

22nd Apr 2004, 12:16

Awful car. Requires too much attention: everything is going to brake all the time. Oil thirsty and low mile-age engine.

3rd Oct 2004, 16:08

What's wrong with you people??!!

I am Portuguese and I love Russian cars. I own a 1.9D Niva from 1996, and if I don't drive it for a couple of days I get... Furious.

Of course it have some problems, but are problems easily solved, and can be done by a classical mechanic, and in a new car (today's technology) you are depending on the Brand services!!!