2003 Volkswagen Beetle GLS from North America


This car is an overpriced lemon


This car has been nothing but a headache since day one when I took delivery and all the extras including the owners manual were not included. This was a brand new car. It took 2 months for me to receive everything. The engine light came on. The front window refused to create a seal with the roof, leaving a 2 inch gap. I have had trouble with the convertible top on several occasions. I have made repeated visits to have the windows repaired. The rear windows stopped going down all the way (really nice on a convertible). The fuel tank needed to be replaced. The windows fixed again. The center console would not unlock. I am still waiting for the parts to arrive. Volkswagen did however offer me a birth certificate for my car. Give me a break! This was the biggest waste of money and time! It's been in the shop more than my old car!

General Comments:

This car is a lemon.

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Review Date: 6th October, 2003

2003 Volkswagen Beetle GLS TDI from North America


Not worth the price


The first thing that went wrong was on the second day I owned it, the fuel injectors went out and they fixed it. When I got the car back there was a loud tapping noise and they now pass that off as me having a louder diesel than most. Now when I go to pop the trunk using the switch on the door it does nothing, but the remote works. Have yet to tell them about that problem.

Now the newest problem is the rear cup holder, it refuses to pop out, it seems to be stuck.

General Comments:

This car handles very well and is super comfortable. Too many problems for a car that I have not even had in my driveway a month.

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Review Date: 24th August, 2003

25th Aug 2003, 09:22

It's a typical story with the Mexican (or any non-german built VW's), they do seem to be a load of junk! Just look at all the reviews for the Jetta, talk about unsatisfied customers!

12th Feb 2006, 22:37

Regardless of what you do, the car is made in Mexico, that should explain it all. My dad had an old 1975 Beetle which went on forever, as long as it had oil and fuel it would never stop. Four teenagers in the family learnt to drive in that car, and boy I could tell you the abuse this car got was incredible. When we finally had it towed away to the junk yard, the clock read 298,000 miles. It's a real shame that no manufactures these days can make cars that are reliable.

24th Mar 2008, 15:19

You know, I have to say, I have a 2003 Beetle GLS TDI that I bought as a certified used car, strictly for the diesel motor and the condition of the car (I wanted a TDI, but had no intention of selecting a Beetle!), and for nearly 50,000 miles it has been dead reliable. I took a gamble, and I am so far on the upside. I even have the dreaded, notorious 4 speed automatic (01M), that all allegedly blow up starting around 100K miles, and that has been very decent too.

I don't think you can make this sweeping indictment of Mexican made VWs. My brother has the 06 Jetta TDI, and that has been very reliable so far. There are many, many happy Beetle and Jetta TDI owners, and those are all Mexican made except for the Jetta wagon. I think one guy said it best. He said he has "owned and driven "vdubs" since 1970, and they are either set up right or they're not; there's no in between!!" When they're good, they're almost unbeatable.

When they're bad... whew, boy! They're bad!