2007 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible 2.5L from North America


No disappointment here


So far, so good. VW did a preemptive replacement earlier this year. Dealership couldn't have been nicer or more efficient.

General Comments:

For such a small car, the interior feels very roomy.

The top works a lot easier than a Mustang I also test drove.

Could use a little more pickup, but it's what you'd expect from a 5 cylinder.

Interior is laid out well, everything is easily accessible and comfortable.

Nice extras like heated seats, iPod plug-in and wind screen for a very reasonable price.

Holds its resale value well.

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Review Date: 19th October, 2010

2007 Volkswagen Beetle from North America


This is a very comfortable and well built car in general


The rubber 'paint' on the door handle on the inside of the car is flaking off.

General Comments:

Very snappy car, and has some get up and go.

The leather is great, and the seating is very comfortable.

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Review Date: 21st September, 2009

2007 Volkswagen Beetle 2.5L 5-cylinder from North America


Unique, fun, economical, and hopefully reliable


Brand new, so nothing. Will give updates as I put more miles on.

General Comments:

This is a great car. The 5 cylinder has plenty of power and the handling is better than similar cars. The design is a classic, very unique; cuts into the rear headroom a little, but whatever. My only slight problem with the car is that I wish it handled better. (It handles well, but I am looking for more) Maybe I will upgrade suspension later on. I know VW has had some reliability problems in the past, but I honestly think that these redesigns will be Volkswagen's savior.

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Review Date: 10th June, 2007

19th Oct 2007, 19:59

Hello, How are you enjoying your new beetle. I would like to purchase the convertible model next fall, but I am just trying to make sure that this is a reliable car. Thanks.

28th Apr 2008, 20:06

Original poster:

The is at about 13000 miles. No major problems. Two things I should point out:

1.Power windows will ocassionaly roll all the way down when I roll them up for some reason.

2. It does have a squeak/rattle or two.

Both of these showed up relatively at the same time, other than that I have really enjoyed this. I get a combined mpg of about 31, and that includes a gas-eating hill (3 miles) up to my house. I still highly recommend this car.