26th Feb 2005, 02:39

I recently purchased a 74 Beetle as well, looking forward to getting it on the road. Reading your comments make me want to work harder at getting it done!

22nd May 2006, 10:19

I found a great deal on a 1974 Beetle in Detroit, Mi back in 2000. Paid $2000, put in $1000 & sold it for $5000 in 2002. I missed the car ever since, very sorry I sold it. Last week, the car crossed my path again and I re-bought it. When I get too old to drive it, it's going to one of my kids.

6th Aug 2007, 14:12

Hay, the story sounds interesting as well as the comments. I have one my self. It gives me more insentive to keep it. It's bright orange!!! I have a sister that doesn't have her drivers yet and ma and pa want to keep it for her to learn on. Plan to keep it as a second vehicle sometime. I had it over last winter and was incouraged that it would be fine in the snow. They are rear wheel drive and the motor is on top of it.

8th Sep 2007, 10:02

I just bought One. I absolutely love it! Granted the brakes are drum and a little bit harder to stop than with disc brakes, but it's nothing you can't get used to. Plus it's really not too bad on gas. It's my first car, but I'm already in love with it. I think I'll be holding onto it for a while. I don't think I could part with my little Yellow Bug!

25th Nov 2007, 10:45

I love my bug!!! Fairly good on gas, but one small tank. Now the heater... it works...just not for a bit. Once it gets going it REALLY works (or so far it has), but it doesn't near as cold here as it would in some of the prairie province's or eastern states. what I've read has been great. Also my first vehicle and plan to use it as a second someday.

8th Aug 2008, 02:06

Ya I hate that, I'm in the parking lot getting into an orange 73' Super Beetle, "Ohhh!!! sooooo cute!!!" I'm a guy so I don't take that well.

9th Oct 2010, 00:25

Kick-as* Bug review. I had one, and I have to say, you put it into words so well. Made me want to hear that sound of chains rattling behind me again.