11th Jan 2004, 10:41

My thoughts exactly. Oil changes are no bargain for the do-it-yourselfer. I take my VW to the dealer for $33 (Passat V6). It's just not worth the trouble.

Any one advertising an oil change for $14.95 is inviting you to a disaster party. You'll get what you pay for: A sub-standard oil filter, cheap oil, an under-educated or self taught mechanic who WILL screw up the job and if your really unlucky, pick up the car wrong and damage the rustproofing underneath.

I've always taken my VW's to the dealer and they usually run strong for 200,000+ miles!

1st Feb 2004, 02:31

I neglected to inquire about maintenance when I purchased my new 2002 GLS TDI (automatic). I spend $50.00 every 10,000 miles for the oil changes. I complained about the cost until someone pointed out I really saved $10.00.A gas engine would have required 3 oil changes at $20.00 each to my one.

The fuel injection pump went out, roadside assistance was very helpful. A wrecker was sent to haul the car to the dealer. It was covered under warranty and the dealer provided a new rent car for 4 days while my car was repaired. All charges were paid by VW.

I am unhappy about the scheduled maintenance. You have to take it in every 10,000 miles and the cost is $200.00 up for what appears to be mostly checking items. I have 44,000 miles and paid about $600.00 for scheduled services. I like the car, but I will get something else next time because of the maintenance cost. I had a 2000 Toyota 4-Runner with 63,000 miles and spent zero on maintenance cost, other than oil changes and that was what I expected.

Timing belt is required at my local dealer for replacement with the 40,000 mile service. The cost is over $500.00 and is not listed in the book then. I went out of town to another dealer who did not require it because it's still a fairly new car. Like I said watch the maintenance.

Beware of the tires that come on your car, I have never thought to question how long they will last. I had to replace the tires before 40,000 miles because they are lower mileage tires.

Four people I know have bought one after seeing mine and they all like them.

9th May 2005, 23:16

My wife has a 2003 Beetle and has had the VW dealer change the oil twice since purchasing it. After each change, I noticed oil leaks on the garage floor. Why are they occuring?

Bo Schimers.