3rd Feb 2008, 16:03

John Muir's book "how to keep your VW alive.." even though full of information is so poorly written, it will make you want to throw it.. or burn..or for some "smoke it" I think Mr. Muir smoked a bit too much green stuff while writting this book. For example, go to the section on aiming headlights, read it five times and see if you can make sense of it.. Then go to the Internet and look up the same thing (anywhere) and compare the processes. I am the owner of two SB bugs, a 71 and 73 I also own the book, but don't swear by it and just be prepared to look elsewhere to get the "real (sober) story!

Have fun with old VWs!

2nd Nov 2008, 10:49

I bought a 74 Sunbug last week. I had to tow it home, but the price was great!

Replaced the starter.. I had some used ones that checked out, but they only worked a few times, the replacement from local auto place works much better.

Replacing the master cylinder now. The one they sold me has an extra port?

Have you ever replaced the seals for the sunroof? I just got some pop out windows (rear quarter windows that open).

Thanks for the post. - Dan.

11th Nov 2008, 15:47

I have a 73 beetle and was just wondering if anyone has solved the problem of the back windscreen steaming up?? Have heard that there is possibly something which could be stuck on to heat it? Any ideas?



7th Dec 2011, 10:15

Thank you for solidly addressing various mechanical issues as well as rust prevention techniques. I'm looking at buying an MG TD replica on a 1974 VW Beetle chassis, which has been sitting for a number of years also. Glad to learn some of the potential problems ahead of purchase; the fiberglass body won't be a rust issue, but all metal parts must be considered for sure. Your help is truly appreciated!

8th Dec 2011, 09:46

I learned the hard way on owning these. I based this on the fact I had a new 73 and a new 74. Buying them years later to restore with my sons first car, I can advise... do not buy the cheapest. Buy a better one, well cared for. Watch for rust, we had a lot of electrical issues. We ended up putting a new motor and a new gas tank in. These cars are great in the northern winter with traction, and I drove all over south Florida with no A/C then without noticing it. Air cooled is a big plus.

I actually now like the plain Beetle vs the Super, as it actually handles better and has less expensive front end components. But the Super rides better. I liked the Super due to the fan controls for heat. They also do need attended to more than modern cars. I also had a anemic 63, liked the dash knobs though, and a 69 dark blue beetle with white interior. Stay away from the semi-automatics.