2001 Volkswagen Bora 2.0 SE 2.0 from UK and Ireland


Solid Car with great performance, safety and reliablility


Wiper motor failed after 2 years. This was replaced under the manufacturers Warranty.

General Comments:

I have to say I think this car is fantastic. Have had it from new and it has never missed a beat and is now nearly 5 years old. It's extremely well built too, as you would expect from German Engineering.

It's a comfortable cruiser on long distances and the car feels very safe and competent on all roads. It is also surprisingly economical for a 2 litre petrol engine even though its quite a heavy car. The steering and general handling of the car is also very good.

The only downsides are that leg room in the back is on the small size and it does tend to burn an above average amount of oil. However, The VW say this is quite normal on the 2.0 litre engine. Strangely enough as the engine is getting older it's consuming less oil than when it was new. A design feature maybe!!

These cars are extremely good value 2nd hand and offer better value the golf. I test drove both cars before buying the Bora and I thought the Bora was by far a nicer car to drive with better equipment levels for the same money.

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Review Date: 15th March, 2006

16th Mar 2006, 01:01

These cars are the ones called the Jetta in North America, however, the Jettas are all manufactured (not just assembled!) in Mexico. Take note that most Golf and Jettas reviewed by North Americans appear to be much poorer in overall reliability than those reviewed from outside the area.

16th Mar 2006, 10:30

Yup, VW continues to see the US as their dumping ground for horrible cars. Only a great advertising campaign saved this company, as the cars sure aren't.

Latest proof? We are FINALLY getting the Mark V Golf after Europe had it for 15 months. Now given the US could equal or surpass European sales of VWs if they tried, why didn't VW do anything?

NEVER buy a VW made in Mexico. I'm waiting to see how the new GTI, made in Germany, fares reliability-wise. Be nice to think it would break the VW curse given its amazing reviews in every car pub, but I doubt it.

I see now why current VW head Berdnt Piestrader (I know I spelled that wrong) wanted to buy Rover when he was head of BMW. He has a thing for turning out horribly unreliable cars.

16th Mar 2006, 17:59

Got a chip on your shoulder?

24th Oct 2009, 14:41

I'm from England, and I have a VW Bora, on a 51 plate. I don't know if I just dropped on a bad one, but mine has been nothing but trouble. Cat box, engine misfires, head gasket, exhaust manifold, then stupid things like the glove box and interior lights. That could just be wear and tear. Who ever said it is good on fuel is very much mistaken. I get on an average, urban driving, 24 miles to the gallon. I would advise against a Bora.

23rd Apr 2010, 11:40

VW Golf 2001 2.0L.

I live in Canada and bought this car 5 years ago, these engines were bulit in Mexico. They were also built with the seals put in backwards. So they leak oil into the cylinder heads like crazy and of course misfire. I have to replace the plugs every 3 months. It uses 2 litres of oil every 2 weeks. These engines should have been recalled years ago. I will NEVER buy a VW again.

2001 Volkswagen Bora GLX VR6 from North America


The Jetta is a good performing, safe car with low maintenance


I note four items that had faults.

First of all the rear brake pads had to be replaced at an early stage; about 10,000 Miles.

At 64000 miles the following items needed to be replaced.

1) The belt tensioner bearings froze up & replaced with Neuspeed pulleys all around and new belt. (5-7 HP increase)

2) The high flow valve on the intake manifold on the VR6 engine broke and will have to be replaced. Understand this is a common item and isn't too expensive. Only the top end performance is lessened.

3) The cruse control had a recall and was replaced. Actually the most accurate cruse control I've ever experienced.

All the above items were on the extended warranty or a recall (except for Neuspeed replacement parts).

General Comments:

The Bora/Jetta is a lot of fun to drive. It is sporty, fairly fast and economical with the 5 speed manual. (Could use a better clutch and a smoother shifter- which they have done now).

There are certainly other cars that are faster, but at what price? The faster Nip cars are much more expensive and some have questionable crash ratings. The Jetta has an excellent crash rating -and has airbags all around.

Highway mileage (average speed around 70) is just short of 30 MPG.

The original Michelin sport 17 Inch tires lasted about 50,000 miles and handled very well in both wet and dry conditions. However, very expensive to replace (USD $215 Ea). Went with an alternative tire.

The 2001 GLX came loaded with electric seats on both sides which were leather, heatedl. The driver seat also had a 3 way memory setting.

The Monsoon Radio and CD were a very noticeable upgrade from the factory.

This car also had the sport option which included stiffer spring setting, performance wheels and tires. Close, but not really getting there. Went with aftermarket 1.5 inch Lowering springs and swaybars from Neuspeed which made a big improvement in handling. (This is a must if you are a driving enthusiast). Coilovers are an expensive step up from the lowering springs - expect to pay minimally USD $1,000 +. As mentioned above also replaced the pulleys which were less than $400 installed. Also, the AEM High Flow Air Intake was added for around $250. (7.5 - 10 HP) Other notible additions were the Neuspeed Cat-Back exhaust system along with the p-flow chip. You do notice the performance gain and you really haven't touched the engine. There are a variety of quality aftermarket options, but Neuspeed is at the top.

The big problem with the car, if comparing to the Passat is the back seat. I'm 6 ft and can set back there, but not on a long trip. It is a bit too cramped.

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Review Date: 10th January, 2005

30th Jan 2006, 13:25

The above review illustrates:

1) The importance of an even REMEDIAL command of English.

2) The ignorance of people to suggest that Mexican built Volkswagens are inferior to those built in Germany. The parts/design/engineering is what has been failing on newer Volkswagens, and these parts/design/engineering are of GERMAN design.

3) Boras/Jettas are ALL made in Mexico, except for the wagon.

2001 Volkswagen Bora SE 130PD from UK and Ireland


Performance and economy


Poor panel gapping.

Dashboard rattles.

Broken air vents.

All window seals replaced.

New cup holders.

New seat base.

New pedal box.

Rear ashtray broke twice.

New interior door panels

New locking buttons.

Etc etc.

General Comments:

The car has had a lot of minor faults, but the dealer has put them all right so far.

The car has been fitted with optional VW lowered & uprated suspension. It handles pretty well, for a poor chassis.

A good level of standard equipment.

A great performing diesel engine, very strong on a motorway.

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Review Date: 31st January, 2003