1975 Volkswagen Brasilia 1.6, F-4, gasoline engine from Mexico


Practical and nice design, with good Beetle mechanical components


This was a very simple car with the same engineering of a VW Beetle, but with more comfort equipment and a newer design.

I can only remember that quite often, when raining heavily, the water would come inside by the passenger side; something that was solved by cleaning the sides of the boot and applying some silicon.

General Comments:

This was a car designed in Brazil, and made only there and Nigeria. A very interesting car.

In Mexico they were made from a kit by the VW assembly and factoring plant of Puebla, which is well known for their high quality, above the plant of Brazil. So, they assembled the kit here and put in a Mexican Beetle 1600 engine, and also a Mexican Beetle transmission.

This car had a wide windshield, with very good visibility in any angle. The aerodynamics were much better than those of the Beetle, and so it was also a quicker car.

The noise of the engine was more present than in the Beetle (!!!), as the engine was really inside the passengers compartment. The boot was quite good.

The design was very pretty, and announced the Golf which came later on. Although my Brasilia was from 1975, the model existed since years before, and before the Golf, and it also had the back hatchback door.

It had the same instruments that the Beetle had, but with a more modern dashboard and a good ventilation system.

You sat closer to the floor in this car, which was good for handling also.

I remember it as a very nice car. Very rugged, as expected of the Beetle, and very practical.

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Review Date: 17th June, 2007

10th Aug 2009, 22:11

My father had one in the early 80´s and we loved it. 4 adults and 4 children will travel 500 miles twice a year to visit our relatives and never failed on us for 3 years. The only major issue was when my older brother crashed it into the garage door while learning to drive, jejeje. Outstanding car.

11th Aug 2009, 14:16

The Brasilia was also made and sold in the Philippines, where it had I think a 1600cc engine. The latter models had ribbed tail lamps a la Mercedes at the time. They were available in 3- and 5-doors. Sharp-looking car, durable too.

19th Sep 2009, 07:57

Yes it was available in the Philippines, in fact I have one year 1977, which is fully restored, very durable and reliable same as a beetle, but with better suspension and smoother ride. Much better front visibility due to the bigger windshield which is much modern. Equipped with front disc brakes and bigger drums at the rear, 1600cc engine and still stock.

Now considered rare, with a only a few well maintained and still running units seen. Although all parts from engine to electrical, mechanical are same parts with the beetle.

26th Oct 2010, 19:48

Brasilia... mmmm, very fun car, so noisy inside, but with lower weight center than the Beetle, it has a very good handling.

My Brasilia was 1981 year model with new dashboard and better upholstery. Very good combination, simple VW car with modern body.

17th Dec 2010, 03:44

Have had my own Brasilia since January, and indeed it's rare already! Find it hard looking for cosmetic parts for it. But a very nice car, and as reliable as the Beetle.