1994 Volkswagen Cabrio 1.8 from UK and Ireland


If you like reliable, open top driving and need a family size car this is good


The rubber seals around the front driver window have let in trickles of water in heavy rain. They could be replaced for under £200. I have not been using a silicone spray on them, but will do so on my newer cabrio purchase as this is supposed to help considerably.

No mechanical faults.

General Comments:

This was my fourth Cabrio, beginning in 1985. I now have a fifth one. They have all been the most reliable cars, none needing more than tyres and exhaust, apart from a rear brake cylinder seizing up, but I think that was poor servicing by a local garage.

The tyres do wear quite quickly if you don't change them from front to back.

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Review Date: 17th January, 2003

30th May 2004, 12:50

I own a 1994 Avantgard Golf convertilbe, I acquired it with 72,000 miles on the clock and I was the 6th owner, in over a year, there has been little to fault the car, apart from the passenger airbag light coming on permanently, and a few groans and creaks from the left handside of the roll over bar I cannot fault it.

Considering the car is 10 years old it has stood up remarkably well, and the hood is in great condition apart from 2 very minor tears where it folds, it doesn't leak and insulates sound very well.

Economy on a long drive is good, reaching nearly 40mpg with the roof up, and well over 100mph is possible with the roof up or down.

I love my Golf and would recommend it to anyone.