1993 Volkswagen Corrado VR6 from North America


Undeniable Virility and Adrenaline in a Car


A few things..

Remember a cheap mechanic doesn't always mean a good one. The last mechanic I went to did not understand the way the cooling fans work.

Secondary cooling fan went at 239000 km.

Secondary water pump went at same time.

Main coolant hose blew (caused by bad mechanic not listening to me that the cooling fans should be on after the car is off.. this should have been a cue to not use him anymore.) He also caused all of the above.

Heating core went at about 238000 km, causing coolant to leak through the interior vents.. quite exciting.

The same mechanic did not do a "usual check once getting the car to fix fans, and did not notice right front ball joint was almost completely seperated from car. (I could have been killed.)

Left power mirror no longer works and the actual reflective face of mirror is starting to erode.

AM portion of radio has stopped working. Not sure why.

Radiator hose blew at about 380000 km. (the first reason I brought it in to the winner mechanic.)

In 2004, both headlights cracked when going through an automatic car wash when it was 0 Celsius outside. Replaced by insurance to the tune of 750.00 for both. (by the way I hate dealing with Volkswagen Dealers, they are usually rude and un accomodating. It was decided that the change in temps from outside to hot water caused the lights to crack.

All in all the summer of 2005 cost me about 4000.00 dollars in repairs to the car.

My mistake not taking it to someone who knows how to work on this advanced machine.

Because this car is rare parts for this car are not cheap. Keep that in mind.

General Comments:

All being said, this car has been in my family all it's life. my Dad was the first owner and I loved it so much I bought it.

I always knew what this car is capable of. Mind blowing handling and speed punctuated by great style.

I adore this car, but fear with all the work I have had done on it this year I must sell it or I will soon only be able to afford a lowly Tempo.

This car still turns heads. Volkswagen really missed the boat when the discontinued this car. WHY?

When you are on the highway you can pass other cars in a split second.

The car is still very strong and I wish I had the pockets to keep this car. My Dad and I still talk about this car Whenever we get together. It's ritualistic.

My Father also put a Mid Range chip in it (cancels out red line cut-out..be careful!) and a K&N Air Filter. What a wonderful sound this car makes!.

Thew fastest I have had this car is at 232 km an hour had more, but ran out of road.( keep an account for speeding tickets and lawyers fees!.

I always get approached by strangers who say they always wanted to get a Corrado, but couldn't find one.

I just say... I am so sorry man, Good luck!.

Another great thing, even after 12 years I am still going to be able to sell this car for 9500 to 10000. Amazing, but true.

The legend, the expensive to maintain... but a simply wonderful car...

The Corrado VR6.

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Review Date: 10th September, 2005

1993 Volkswagen Corrado VR6 2.9 petrol from UK and Ireland


Buy with care and you won't regret it


Has just had a rebuilt engine; although I was hoping to just have the head done. Oil consumption was approximately 300 miles per liter, 1000 miles after buying it with a supposed full warranty with a full service history from a Volkswagen main dealer. On claiming through the warranty the dealer said I had to pay to have it stripped before they could decide if it was a warranty claim. It appears the car was either overheated or ran low on oil before I bought it.

General Comments:

Very quick car even with a worn engine -it ran very quietly. Apart from smoke on the overrun it was fine; nothing else has gone wrong; 32 miles per gallon fuel consumption on long journeys.

Handles very well.

Good build quality.

Turns heads and stands up to much more modern competition.

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Review Date: 24th August, 2004