1986 Volkswagen Corsar CD 1.8 liter from Mexico


Reliable, durable, very classical and nice car, with capable handling


The door locks system failed sometimes.

Once, a rubber hose broke because of the pressure of the engine being hot, because the mechanics at the dealer disconnected the engine fan!!! Anyway, the engine wasn't damaged.

General Comments:

This was a very pleasurable car in the 80's. Perhaps the best or one of the best cars that were sold in Mexico (Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Toyota and Honda -among others- weren't sold in Mexico at that time, only VW, Nissan, Chrysler, Ford and Chevrolet). So, this was the top VW - it was named Corsar CD, but in other countries it was knowned as Santana or Quantum.

In Mexico it was offered only with the L-4, 1.8 liter engine and it a carburetor not fuel injection -it developed some 85hp. This sounds like a very small amount of horsepower, but it moved the car quite capably. The stability was very good. Durability speaks by itself by the large amount of Corsar CDs that one can still see in the streets.

Having an automatic transmission, the car had at the end of the accelerator pedal travel an extra "step", which down-shifted the transmission.

It was a very classic styled car with good manners, and was also quite safe. At that time, cars weren't as heavy as they are today, that is why this car moved very well. It also handled very capably.

The seats had a nice velour, it had radio-cassette player and A/C. The automatic transmission had three forward speeds.

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Review Date: 9th June, 2007