28th Dec 2002, 17:55


For some months now, I have been the (proud) owner of a twenty-six years old VW Derby LS, and I must say - this being my very first car and everything - that I am impressed by this little car! It always starts on the first try, - and this is not bad in the extreme winter up here in Norway for a car of its age! There's been no errors since I bought the car; absolutely nothing.

So to all of you critics out there: think twice, and talk to your little car - maybe it's ill, mentally... ;)

-Thomas (Norway)

23rd Jun 2003, 06:03

I have an 79er Derby here in Hungary. It has an 1.1 engine. I am very proud of my car, but I had some negative experience. The heating system is not enough for winter. The max. speed of my car is 110 km/h. Above this speed the car feels "unsafe". The derby is excellent for city cruising with this easy steering and huge trunk. For two persons of course.

Anyway I am very pleased. The car is nice. Not for "around the world" tour...

(thanks for reading and sorry for my English)

17th Aug 2004, 15:45

Why do so many reviewers buy 20 year old cars and then moan about rust, mechanical wear, electrical faults and tatty interiors?

The bottom line is that cars are consumer durables with an average lifespan of around 10 years. If you buy a 20 year old car you have to accept that it will have its problems.

15th Oct 2004, 06:38

Anyone interested in amking an offer for a 79 VW Derby (68000 miles). Excellent motor, bit of rust.

12th Apr 2005, 13:41

A friend of mine just recently bought a VW Derby 78` and it`s the coolest car I`ve ever seen. The exhaust is original, but it sounds great. I love the shapes of this car and won't mind driving in the middle of the winter (here in Norway). The engine is tiny and cool.

15th Nov 2005, 10:09

Hi folks, my first car was the VW Derby LX from my grandma.

Since then I haven't got a better car. It was nice and small built for the small parking lots in good old Germany ;-). One of the best beginner cars I think. But the engine wasn't such as slow like yours. My car drove 160 km/h on high speed.

The suitcase room (? sorry, but I don't know the exact word) was really comfortable 6 cases of water is not such as small as an Golf or an Opel Corsa of the 80th.

I missed my first car very much. Because I could repair everything self not only by a mechanic.

Okay this was my comment. Good Luck for all VW Derby driver.

Dirk (Germany)

5th Dec 2005, 11:28

Hi I've just recently bought a 78 derby with 64000 genuine miles shes in pretty good condition except for a poor respray. but as cars go shes got a lot of character and the 1.1 engine is sweet as a nut! It feels like your going 100mph @only 50! A truly great little car!!!


16th Jan 2007, 14:22

Hi All.

My first car was a Derby LS - and I loved him!

He was very nice, and drove with me and my son to all places. Also to our holiday places like Italy and Croatia. Okay - sure - he wasn't the fastest car, but I always felt sure, and he never left me on the road.

I miss my Derby, and look sometimes at pictures on the Web.

So - I wish all VW Derby drivers good luck!

Best regards,