1993 Volkswagen Eurovan MV 2.5L 5-Cylinder from North America


If you can find one, get it, keep it, use it a lot!!


Bought under "Certified Previous Owned" program. Had computer, radio, cruise control, and rear A/C freon control solenoid replaced under warranty.

After warranty expired, replaced the clutch at around 96000 (1997) due to faulty throw-out bearing.

At ~150,000 (1999) had several water hose connectors replaced due to severe leaks caused by corrosion in the cylinder head. Also had the oil cooler replaced at this time because is cracked and was leaking water into the oil.

On a trip to Maine (2001), had the 2 hoses going to the oil cooler burst. Bypassed the cooler and limped the last 50 miles to get new hoses ordered.

In 2001, A/C went completely thanks to upstate New York's road salt program. The overpressure valve on the A/C Filter/Reservoir rotted out and leaked all the freon.

One long term item is the power steering rack and power steering pump. The seals in the rack are weak and the system was never flushed properly. So the thing constantly howls in the parking lot, but is not affected on the road. Replacement cost $500+ not including labor.

Also in 2001 had a deer collision which resulted in over $3700 in damage. The repairs were made; however, since there are so few of these around the US, there were no experienced technicians to do the work correctly. Several plastic parts associated with the radiator and fans were never replaced and the fans are bent causing a horrible vibration. If it was in another accident, I would argue to have it totaled due to the rarity and lack of qualified repair personnel.

General Comments:

Overall?? We have many memories of great trips we've taken in the van. i.e. -- Fording flooded arroyos in Big Bend National Park; many trips to Colorado for spring break skiing; scaring the crap out of unwitting motorists by barging right up to their rear bumper in the white bread box.

2. It's paid for.

3. At 215000+ miles, it still has all the power it did when I first bought it and gets 21mpg. Not bad for a brick on wheels.

4. The kids and their friends love the opposed seating the the rear along with the table and fold out bed for long trips.

5. I can load 2000 lbs. of wood pellets in the rear cargo area and drive down the road without any complaints from the motor.

6. It isn't that cheap crap that comes out of Detroit and gets 10mpg.

7. It isn't a mini van nor a full size van. It's a Euro van!!!

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Review Date: 11th February, 2003

20th Apr 2010, 08:31

My parents bought a new Eurovan MV, Model Year 93 (built Sept-Oct 1992) 2.5L, in-line 5, 5-Speed.

After they moved on to a 2001 Eurovan MV V-6, its new home is in my heart… i.e. it’s mine! (Yay!)

I acquired it around 150K miles, and it now has 270K wonderful miles on it. (Yes, some were rough: an experienced/talented mechanic is essential.)

The only major drawback is the awkward engine compartment layout and stone/splash guard on the underside. I mention these two items to people who think they would like to do simple work on the vehicle themselves and are not well acquainted with the car. Basically, it’s time consuming to do any repairs on the van. And to get to the underside of the engine, you need to lower the splash/stone guard, which isn’t possible when the van’s on the ground, it’s got to be elevated. (I have never tried to figure out the minimum clearance to access the engine compartment, sorry.)

But if I win the lottery, I can promise you that I will buy as many Eurovans as possible.

I was wondering if anyone has ever converted a diesel unit to Bio-Diesel?

1993 Volkswagen Eurovan GL 2.5 5-cylinder from North America


German design advantages with French quality


It never ran quite right though the mechanic didn't find a fault with it. It always idled on 4.5 cylinders. I expect it was a bad injector but was unwilling to pay for exploratory surgery. The side door had a bad tendency to not be able to unlock. You had to twist hard on the key to even open it, then the problem would mysteriously go away. Heater fan made an awful noise sometimes. Brakes howled even with new pads and rotors and shoes.

General Comments:

The famous fault with the Eurovan was that it didn't have enough power for the American market. I live at 5000 ft and regularly make trips over 10000 ft. I always felt like it had an amazing amount of power for the engine size. I passed lots more people than passed me. It was comfortable and handled great for a minivan. The heat was great - it could cook you out of the car in very cold weather.

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Review Date: 22nd January, 2002