2000 Volkswagen Eurovan from North America


The Eurovan is a versatile and fun workhorse for a cool climate; repairs are costly


A/C failed after about a year. Works great now, but if it is running, the car sometimes dies while idling.

Vacuum hose leak after about a year.

Bad smell when it gets really hot (maybe the same leak again?).

When first purchased, the automatic locks would fire repeatedly while the car was unattended (looked like car was possessed). We were able to fix easily ourselves.

One year ago, a repair facility replaced the computer, intake gaskets, fuel filter, cleaned out clogged throttle body, before the check engine light went out. Not sure whether all these things were needed, but the light has not come back on.

It became hard to put the car in reverse, & the shift lock button wouldn't work automatically. Reverse gear began working again when the tires were replaced/aligned. However, it takes 2 hands to shift gears, because the shift lock button is still not working.

Anti-lock brakes may or may not be working.

Interior parts frequently break off: I don't think the plastic can handle high temperatures.

Currently making strange lurches and shudders when moving.

General Comments:

Have driven car cross country several times (usually pulling a trailer loaded with stuff) and daily in heavy city/highway traffic.

Steering is good, surprisingly maneuverable for such a boxy vehicle.

Good visibility and power in traffic/highway driving.

Distinctive and easy to find in a parking lot. I think it's much better looking than the usual minivan.

Interior is more van-like than car-like; very versatile and spacious. You can fit a 4*8 foot piece of plywood inside, and tow a boat or a heavily loaded trailer for long distances.

Other than interior trim, it's solidly built & stands lots of abuse.

A/C struggles, but the heater works great.

Speakers are terrible, and the radio antenna is difficult to replace by yourself.

Repairs must be done by a VW specialist: we found this the hard way last year after $5000 was spent on repairs at a general service facility -- they eventually send the vehicle 30 miles to a VW dealer to fix it.

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Review Date: 1st April, 2010

25th Aug 2011, 11:10

It's not a minivan.