2003 Volkswagen Eurovan MV VR6 from North America


Highly under-rated


Inside door grab handles are 'flaking'. The rubberized material is wearing off. Apparently a common problem fixed under warranty.

Heavy 'anti-rust' coating applied by factory to underside of van makes owner servicing a messy job.

General Comments:

I loved my Vanagon and I love my new Eurovan. It is my first brand new vehicle. I think the Vanagon had more interior space, but the weekender package with the pop-top sleeps my family of 4 just fine.

Very easy to load groceries and kids.

Too bad VW doesn't sell any vans in the USA - until 2006.

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Review Date: 8th April, 2004

25th Apr 2006, 19:44

Like I said in review of my 2000 Eurovan, the fit and finish is poor - after owning it for 3 1/2 years, many interior fixtures have broken off at their respective attachment points.

The rack and pinion always makes a whining sound when turning, other than in a wide arc, and this is after it was replaced under warranty. My proven, expert mechanic says this is a normal aberration.

In the USA, this van is only available with V6/automatic transmission combo - in Europe I believe 2 other motors are available (turbodiesel) with standard transmission.

28th Dec 2006, 09:24

We have a 2003 Eurovan with 20,000 miles on it. Grab handle peeled a little too. Otherwise has been trouble free. It seems very well made to me. I'd like another one someday if they make them again. We eat out in it more than in a restaurant. Never seen any plain van so well laid out for traveling.

29th Dec 2006, 05:51

Also, I really like the posistioning of the seats. I have long legs and it is very comfortable to be able to sit upright as in a dining table chair. The long seat depth is great for added support of my legs near the knees. I dislike any automobile where when I sit in it my butt is lower than my knees. Not so with the Eurovan. Overall the Eurovan workmanship surpasses the Big Three easily. I looked long and hard at the Big Three and wanted to buy American made so the money stays in America, but the quality just isn't in the Big Three.

2003 Volkswagen Eurovan GLS 2.8 24-valve VR6 from North America


One last thing, I forgot to mention price.

I got mine with the optional sunroof for about $25,000 brand new, due to dealer incentives of about $1000.

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Review Date: 7th January, 2004