1990 Volkswagen Fox Standard from North America


5 years of no car payment!


The hood flew off.

Latch that held the hood came loose due to rust, and it smashed against the windshield, breaking both hood arms under the hood. Pulled a couple from a junked 92 Jetta, but the body panels have to be pulled off to replace it. I drilled a hole through the hood and tied it down.

Over the five years that I have had it, replaced the radiator, brakes, tires, water pump, hoses, axles, bearings, rotors, and the mufflers twice.

Had the right front and rear light wired off of the left lights due to a burned fuse port.

Lousy hub cap design, they flew off.

General Comments:

Gas mileage ranges from 25-30.

Nobody bothered the car wherever I parked it.

Seats were not too comfortable.

Repair costs were low.

It was very basic; manual steering, windows, seats. Even though window cranks and seat cranks broke, you could work around them.

Didn't rust too quick, considering Cleveland salt.

Hate to see it go, I know I can't find another car like it for $750.00.

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Review Date: 18th June, 2011

1990 Volkswagen Fox Coupe 1.8 liter gas from North America


Fantastic car. Efficient, reliable, spunky, and agile.


The alternator belt snapped at 94000 miles.

The exhaust system leaks.

The oxygen sensor needs replacement.

The left-front speaker does not work.

General Comments:

Engine feels winded at high speeds, but is robust and strong at low speeds, a feature that is great for around-town driving.

Handles like a dream. Just point it where you want it to go, and it goes there without a fuss. It fits anywhere you want it to. Very maneuverable. The Fox is a very agreeable car.

The front seats are roomy, but the back seat is cramped. It makes a great starter car or city car, but has the spunk to tackle twisty back roads any day.

Bottom line: The Fox is a fantastic Jetta alternative. Why in the world did VW stop making this little car?

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Review Date: 17th October, 2004

1990 Volkswagen Fox 2-Door 1.8 Liter from North America


A little workhorse of an engine!


Gas tank had to be replaced when I bought it.

Blew main seal @ 151,000 miles.

Rear struts went @ 156,000 miles.

Front struts went @ 158,000 miles.

Front tie rods, sway bar bushing and brakes went @ 159,000 miles.

Passenger's side axle @ 167,000 miles.

Driver's side axle @ 170,000 miles.

Alternator @ 171,000 miles.

Distributor & Ignition Coil @ 179,000 miles.

Clutch @ 180,000 miles.

Car was purchased for $360 Dollars in April of 2003 and has cost me $3900 Dollars total to fix.

Next trip is to a body shop.

Both temp sensor and gas gauge do not work either.

General Comments:

For a little 1.8 liter this car has good pick-up and gets great gas mileage.

Seats are stiff, but I don't feel uncomfortable in it.

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Review Date: 24th March, 2004

1990 Volkswagen Fox 1.8 from North America


Nice for its price


It stalls and there are some cables near the intake that I don't know where they go.

The paint is coming off the hood.

It had a high idle, but I fixed that.

The pedals are too close together. When they made it they could have improved the air intake and made it a 16 valve.

General Comments:

It's a nice little car and I like it, but I can't find where some cables go.

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Review Date: 26th January, 2002