2004 Volkswagen Fox Sportline 1.6 Total Flex from Brazil


Truly urban car


There has not been anything wrong with car. It feels very solid and comfortable.

General Comments:

This new Fox is a completely new car that VW has decided to built using the VW Polo chassis. It is a truly urban car that maybe will replace the VW Lupo in Europe.

The exterior is very VW. Lines are clean and simple. It is not the most beautiful car that VW has designed, but it is still a nice car.

The interior doesn't have the same VW quality that we see in the Golf or even the Polo. The hard plastic is used everywhere, front the dashboard to the doors interior. But the quality of construction is okay. But I feel that in the long run, a lot of noise will emerge from this car.

The engine is the reliable 1.6. But having the chance to use petrol or alcohool really is a must in this car, showing the technology is being well putted in this engine. The transmission is the same as the VW Polo. Easy to handle. Seats are confortable, but they could have used a smoothy cloth.

Right now there is only the choice for a 3 door Fox, but in the future the 5 door will be released, then this car will be by far one of the best choices in the market.

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Review Date: 23rd January, 2004

27th Jul 2004, 09:44

To be nice or not is a question of taste. The car looks OK and it is damaging very much the sames of the Polo. I think this would be the reason that VW did not start to sell it in Europe. I think the Flexfuel (to use gasoline or alcohol) it is a must and it shows our country has done a lot to improve the independence of the oil.