1985 Volkswagen Golf 5 door hatchback 1.8L gasoline from North America


Enjoyable car with quirks, yet fine road manners


Muffler at 60k.

Brake linings at 75k.

Alternator at 80k.

Spark plug wires at 80k.

Rusting at door windowsills at 10 years.

Tie rod ends at 100k.

Seat cushions splitting at 120k; re-glued and were fine (see comments).

Radiator replaced (upper hose connector had been cracked by repairman) at 125k miles.

Regular use of fuel injector cleaner is a must.

Regular inspection / replacement of distributor rotor is a must (every 25-30k miles).

General Comments:

Excellent car and fun to drive. Also fun to maintain oneself, and various repairs were mostly easy.

Purchased new. On the hatch the rear wiper washer was a big help. Installed my own stereo system. Optional OEM sound systems were way overpriced in that day. The key was not needed to listen to the stereo when parked as the wiring was fused but not key-switched. Stereo on, hatch open, picnic site sound system provided!

Plastics and vinyl noticeably better than most cars of its time. No vinyl cracks or weathering after 11 years of ownership.

Steering was always spot on and excellent in snow.

Smooth ride at 80 MPH, though noisy at that RPM, 3 speed automatic.

Tweed seat fabric wore like iron. Seats were very comfortable.

Occasional slight adjustment of seat-back angle hand wheel made long drives comfortable. A good travel car.

Seat foam started to split after about 9 years. Removed seat covers, glued foam back together with foam adhesive, and they worked fine for the remaining 3 years of ownership.

Huge cargo capacity for the car's size when the rear bench seat was folded down.

Was totaled by Chevy Suburban (big SUV) rear ending me whilst stopped at a traffic light. She was going at least 35MPH.

I was safe, few bruises. Was the only passenger, though those in the passenger and rear seats would have been safe as well. Solidly built. 15 years since I owned it, but wistful for those days

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Review Date: 26th February, 2014

1985 Volkswagen Golf 2 door 1.6L diesel from North America


Awesome car if you can deal with the lack of power!!!


After 25 years, the head gasket has gone, and the injector pump leaks badly in the winter.

General Comments:

When the injector pump wasn't leaking, I was getting over 50mpg! I literally put this car through hell and back. I drove from the Fraser Valley to Saskatchewan twice (it cost me $60 to get from Chilliwack to Edmonton!) and had no problems.

The car has seen air time, burn outs, major off roading, and some steep hill climbs.

Honestly, this car did just as good in the mud as the trucks did! And through all the abuse I put it through, it always held up mechanically. I even took out the rear seats and threw a futon mattress in the back, and went camping in it often.

I did have to replace all of the minor things such as struts, brakes, tires etc. But that is to be expected of any car.

I have NEVER had this car not start up and run for me.

The biggest stress of this car was the power. You tend to compete with semi trucks when going up long hills.


But the old girl held up anyways!

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Review Date: 5th October, 2010

1985 Volkswagen Golf GTi 1.8 16v turbo from North America


A fast little car


I had absolutley nothing go wrong with this car in the short time that I owned it.

General Comments:

Well I bought this car from a trucker that had 43,000 miles flat on it, it ran great and was a very fast car! the only problem is that I hit black ice going 125 mph and the back right tire blew out and it rolled a few times and I hit a fence. the safety of this car was astounding my brother and I walked right out of it and the car was obviously totalled, but I only had a broken finger.. I wish I wouldn't have made this mistake I loved that car to death and its my own dumb fault its gone : (but I would definitely reccomend this car to anybody.

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Review Date: 12th March, 2007

13th Mar 2007, 08:33

Going over black ice made your tyre blow out? Interesting...

Great cars though, Mk1 & Mk2 Golfs. Mate of mine had a Mk2 GTI and many years and many cars later he still goes misty eyed when he thinks back on how good it was.

13th Mar 2007, 17:41

These era gtis didn't have turbos.