1990 Volkswagen Golf GTi 1.8 8v from UK and Ireland




Brake light bulb blew, very disappointing ;)

General Comments:

I own the best Golf VW ever made. A Mk 2 3 door big bumper Gti in black with BBS wheels. Luuuuurvely.

I bought the Golf after owning 3 Pug 205 1.9 Gti's on the trot, which although are great cars, they tended to need constant maintenance, especially when doing 20k miles a year. I have had no problems whatsoever with the Golf, I just get in it and drive it everyday knowing that it won't let me down. Whilst not as fast as the 205, it is so much nicer to drive. No rattles and it feels solid.

The Mk2 is a classic shape, I did put it up for sale, but when I cleaned and polished it, I couldnt bring myself to part with it!

The engine feels strong and responsive even with 112k on the clock, it uses very little oil and returns an average 37mpg.

Insurance is a little steep though, especially when it struggles to keep up with a Mk4 Golf Tdi!

I've just put 4 new tyres on it (Goodyear Eagle F1's) and had a 4 wheel alignment session, handles like a dream now.


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Review Date: 24th January, 2003

25th Jan 2003, 04:39

You have probably the best out of four generations of golf GTIs. As far as driver's involvement is concerned, the golf iv doesn't even come close. Keep your car and cherish it.

1990 Volkswagen Golf GTi 16v 1.8 GTi 16v from UK and Ireland


Top performance and good value


Just general maintenance.

Plugs replaced etc.

General Comments:

I have owned two GTi 8v's and one GTi 16v so I can say fairly that I can point out the differences between them.

The 16v comes with electric windows as standard, this is the only major difference inside of the car, apart from the little red 16v badge on the glove box (how pretty).

Performance wise the two cars are very different. The 16v comes with better brakes than the 8v and is lowered an extra 10mm over that of the 8v, meaning it stops better without melting the brakes, I've had brake fade in my 8v's a few times, which is scary approaching a corner at 110mph and its just making a humming noise and not slowing down! I've also shattered a brake disc on an 8v. The difference in cornering is only slight.

Now we come to the engines. The standard 8v produces 112bhp, whereas the 16v produces 139bhp! Although there is a much larger amount of horsepower in the 16v, the 8v actually feels quicker. This is due to the fact it has so much torque at low revs and has good power distribution throughout the rev range.

The 16v however feels like a 1.3CL off the line, a completely different experience to the feeling from the 8v that its going to rip its self in half! But do not dismay, it doesn't continue this way, as soon as the revs build up the power keeps increasing dramatically and at 4500rpm it really starts to move, then again at 6000rpm your thrusted back again before you change gear at about 6600rpm.

It should, when driven properly, beat the 8v to 60mph by a good 1.5 seconds. This will only happen if your willing to drive it the way its designed to be driven, right up into the revs. Don't even consider racing a Skoda if you daren't take it above 4000rpm.

Overall from a real drivers point of view the 16v is the better car, but its hard to brush aside the awesome fun you can have in the 8v, it's a much more fun car to drive in most aspects, power is available whenever you want it, on demand. Unless you drive your 16v like a Formula 1 car, the 8v will disappear into the distance every time.

Two awesome cars.

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Review Date: 16th January, 2003

24th May 2003, 21:43

Electric windows are NOT standard on all 16v GTi's!!! I own a '90 GTi 16v (mk2) which has factory manual windows. Between August '89 and October '90, the GTi 16v came without electric windows, don't ask why? Also, the 16v had a bee-sting ariel and half-smoked rear lights. But, either way, a top car in all respects.

27th Oct 2008, 13:58

I agree the 8v is ssooooo much more fun around town and blatting down back lanes. Rock on.

20th Feb 2009, 07:09

Hi, I've got a Golf GTi 16v 89 model. This car came with electric windows, is this car a limited edition?

I've had 145mph at 7200rpm. This car will wipe the floor against an 8v, 0-60 5.5 sec. Very quick, and much loved by me and 10 before me.

Thanks, simmy.

9th Apr 2009, 11:15

I had a 16v Jetta (1990) and its power felt monumental once you got going. I always felt that it would rip itself apart and it almost did. The gearstick refused to budge from third after a pull to about 6000 rpm.

I presently have a 1987 8v GTI (UK model), which is quick and loud.

9th Apr 2009, 17:03

145mph and 0-60 in 5.5 seconds LOL. Add AT LEAST 2 seconds to that 0-60 time for starters.