Golf GL 1.9L inline-4 turbo diesel

A solid car with almost unbelievable fuel economy

191 words, North America, 2 comments

Golf GL 2.0

Decent reliable car

95 words, North America

Golf CL 1.8 turbo Manual


180 words, Mexico

Golf CL 1.8 Gas

Decent car, but can have a lot of problems, not as economical as expected for a Volkswagen

132 words, North America

Golf VR6 2.8 petrol

The best hatchback in the world

87 words, UK and Ireland

Golf VR6 2.8

Fast, but could have been made faster

71 words, Japan

Golf VR6 2.8 petrol

110 words, UK and Ireland

Golf Diesel 1.6 diesel


76 words, North America, 1 comment

Golf CL 1.8 Gas

A sporty and rugged small car

93 words, North America

Golf Ryder 1.4

Really looks the part and you know in the morning it will start

97 words, UK and Ireland

Golf VR6 2.8 V6

Discreet performance that holds its value

354 words, UK and Ireland