1998 Volkswagen Golf GL 1.8 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


A great drive, but annoying to maintain


Crank sensor intermittently failed. Major hassle. $900AUD to fix and only diagnosable at dealership.

Rear window wiper needed replacing. Haven't done yet.

Front window wiper replaced.

Constant power window issues. Rear power window will not go back up. Getting quoted today.

Leaked coolant through plastic attachment at front of engine. Cheap to fix. Generally needs reservoir refill every 3-4 weeks.

General Comments:

The hardest thing about this car is finding a good mechanic to perform your maintenance within your budget.

Also, the electronics. The problems range from serious (my engine would shut down at any time -even when going 100kmh, due to a crank sensor issue) to small and annoying (constant power window issues)

The car does keep going and going, but youve got to maintain it. Its brilliant for inner-city driving, but I would probably get something with less electronics, and cheaper parts next time.

The interior is awesome tho, and for a 6'2" guy this hatchback is extremely roomy and comfortable.

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Review Date: 21st September, 2008

1998 Volkswagen Golf GL 1.8 from Australia and New Zealand


Like the cute naughty kid - seems to get away with the faults cos it knows it's cute


Rear windows mechanisms needed replaced - $220 each.

Leaks water - we're are always replacing it.

Seems to be leaking a bit of oil which stinks to high heaven when driving in town - may just be the broken dip stick.

Fabric on ceiling is coming away...

General Comments:

This car looks good, and costs about the right amount, but I wouldn't buy another. Why can't reliable car's also be good looking - must we all resort to the Corolla. ow could both rear windows mechanisms be wore out - I can't imagine they're used as much as the front ones???

PLEEEAASSEE someone build a car with good looks and reliability - it is too much to ask???

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Review Date: 24th March, 2008

1998 Volkswagen Golf 2.0 from North America


Yes, they are pretty. Don't do it


Multiple electrical problems.

Reverse gear starting to fail - will require new transmission.

Wheel lock adapter was stripped.

Side trim falling off.

Front left wheel bearings have been replaced twice (2nd time by me).

Front struts need replacing.

Cup holder does not fit anything larger than a thimble.

Gearing is poorly thought out - 5th gear is at 3k rpm at 65 mph.

General Comments:

The reverse gear problem seems to be reported by quite a few owners. It is a bad tranny and a lot of them have this issue.

My reverse gear makes the sound you got when as a kid you'd clip playing cards to your bike forks so that the spokes spun by them and made a clicking sound. The guy at the garage told me the tranny was "on the way out" and to "baby the reverse gear" and I might get another year or two out of it.

Electrical is also a complete mess. Radio, alarm system, lights, you name it.

Just yesterday I drove through a puddle that was NOT terribly deep - probably 6 - 8", and probably splashed up onto the engine block a bit. I got through it OK, and then the car sputtered and died. When I finally got it started after an hour of cranking, my running lights were out, and one of my head beams was out.

I think these are lovely looking cars, and they drive nice and tight, but they would seem to be very poorly put together. It's a shame. If you MUST buy one, you'd be wise to live in a dry, moderate climate. You'd think the prevalence of the reverse gear problem ALONE would warranty a recall.

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Review Date: 14th February, 2008

1998 Volkswagen Golf GLi Variant 1.8 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Never, ever again


Fuel pump relay failed (twice).

Main radiator fan died.

Power steering pump sprung a leak.

Headlights became nonadjustable, requiring 2 new ones.

Various plastic-y bits were dropping off the body and interior.

General Comments:

A real let down - was expecting better build quality from a Euro car, but interior fit and finish was very disappointing.

Gutless engine.

Least reliable car I have ever owned, and when things did go wrong it cost many many $$$ to fix.

Handled pretty well though.

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Review Date: 24th January, 2008