20th Aug 2002, 15:34

My windows have not fallen out on any of the 5 Mk 4 Golfs I have owned, but maybe your dealer bodged it up on the first repair. As you say though there is obviously a major problem if they have sold so many of those parts.

I have experienced the door creaking noise, seat creaking noise and dashboard rattles on every single one of my Golfs.

They always fix them under warranty, no problem. But it really is very annoying because they have to go in so often for repair.

It is ashame, because they seem so well built otherwise.

29th Oct 2002, 13:44

In January 2002 my transmission was repaired under the Power Train Warranty at the York Volkswagen dealership. I was informed that the work performed was guaranteed for 12 months/ 20,000 kms. Within 8 months, I began to have the same transmission problem (confirmed by York Volkswagen’s service department). However, the dealership refused to honour the warranty and insisted these repairs were not covered. Unsuccessfully, I contacted two other dealerships to have the transmission assessed. They were reluctant to interrogate the transmission, as it was already worked on by the York dealership service department. I was informed by the service manager at York that the original job was done ‘out of good faith’ and not the Power Train Warranty. After several attempts to contact my salesperson, at Queensway, I decided to contact the Customer Care Service Department of Volkswagen Canada to rectify the situation.

Whilst the product is a good one the customer service does not add to the quality assurance.

15th Feb 2003, 18:00

Anyone else had problems with water ingress between the roof and the top of the front doors on current models of Volkswagen Golf estates?

The front doors of my Golf estate let in water as described above and the puddles stay in the bottom of each door rebate. In winter, this freezes the doors solidly shut!

On inspection, there's a large gap at the top of the front doors and the car roof, so no wonder water gets in.

10th Apr 2003, 17:32

I have a August 2002 GT TDI PD 130, has anyone experienced a squeaky clutch?

22nd Aug 2004, 08:49

I have Volkswagen Golf 2-door GL 2001. I just finished making my 36th month payment. I get regular service maintenance and it now has 40,000 mileage on it.

My back up light burnt out after less than 2 yrs so during my regular oil changed from the dealer. I bought and asked them to put it. The dealer charged me but never replaced it but I never went back to Brand Blvd., Glendale, California dealership. Now, each time I wash my car, both door creaks. Same goes to the driver side dashboard. My left front head light burned-off. I need to take time off from work and bring it to the dealer for replacement.

Two days ago, the break light came off so I drove to the nearest station to have it check. It was empty so he added 1 can of the oil. The next day, break light came off again and i added another can of oil. There was no leak. it was just burning oil. I love this car so much but i am so miserable because of all the problems coming out at the same time.

2nd Sep 2004, 12:02

I use to own a 2001 Australian spec Golf, I ended up trading mine for a Lexus IS200, before the warranty expired. It was a complete joy to drive, but I started to get nervous with all the problems I experienced, gearbox had to be replaced after 8000Km (luckily under warranty) another problem which was never resolved, If the car wasn't driven for more than a week, the battery would go flat, for no apparent reason. Electric windows and central locking failed on thirteen different occasion. I could go on and on. I'd always owned Japanese cars, and have never experienced problems like these. I'm glad to report that the IS200 has traveled some 39000km, without any problems. The other thing I didn't like about the Golf, servicing was outrageously expensive for a 2.0litre vehicle. I guess if you want a car which is reliable and economic to operate you buy Japanese.

2nd Feb 2005, 17:51

Australia: I bought a new Golf 1.6s in 2002 and have had no problems until huge storms last night. We woke up to find 2 inches of water in the passenger side foot wells. Everything in the car is dry other than the huge puddles of water in the passenger side of the car.

Can someone tell me if this this a known problem with the 1.6s??? Car has done 32,000kms and is in immaculate condition otherwise.

Dealer is being useless and giving me no information as usual.

13th Jun 2005, 09:12

I own a 1999 VW Golf 1.8 20v Turbo. The car is fantastic to drive, but reliability is very poor despite regular servicing.

I have had both front windows fall into the door. The first was covered by the warranty, the second cost me £185 sterling to have fixed. First gear regularly turns into reverse despite having the linkage checked by the main dealer.

The latest delight has been the central locking and electric windows failing together. So now I have to use my key in the door and thankfully have air-con as the temperature outside is starting to rise.

Maybe is time to go Japanese?