13th Nov 2002, 17:21

6 months and 8000km later this car has still going well. The engine has 'cooked' nicely and now makes a sweet purring noise. Excellent fuel economy. Gear box has worn in. Am I lucky to get a trouble free golf?

5th Jan 2003, 01:49

My mum has a 2001 VW Golf GL.

The only problem with it that is is very loud, it sounds like is is farting. The noise comes somewhere from the middle of the car.

16th Jun 2003, 19:37

I bought a new 2003 1.6 SE auto with all the trimmings and have nothing but praise for this vehicle. I previously owned a 1993 Nissan NX-R and was concerned that I would regret losing the sporty feel and drive. How surprised was I? Every time I get into my Golf I have a smile on my face and it is pure pleasure to drive it. Fuel economy is great and it is a dream to drive on the open road - so quiet, refined and smooth. My parents and best friend have just purchased a new Astra each and they are the ones who have had the small faults to be repaired. But not my golf so far. No niggling faults to date and the car has done just over 6000 klms. The stereo is fantastic and presentation (fit and finish) inside and out the car is exemplary. I would definitely purchase another golf for all these reasons. Which is probably why there are so many of them running around Sydney - So many people cannot be wrong!!

2nd Jul 2003, 19:10

13 months and 13,000km later and this car just keeps on getting better. I have had no problems what so ever. It is still a joy to get behind the wheel!

11th Sep 2005, 21:58

I live in Australia & own a 2001 Golf GL 1.6 manual with fact. sunroof and 16" alloys. I have had it since March 2004 and have had a great run so far. The only notable problem being vibration caused by what seems to be warped brake rotors. It's doesn't effect brake ability, but is annoying. I won't say its perfect, but for comfort, build, style and reliability it is a great car, probably not better, but much more special than the average $20K econobox.

3rd Feb 2007, 20:26

After finding my entry on this site after a few years I thought it would be worth updatind.

This car has now done 55,000km's.

It has had two further problems:

1. Water pump cracked and failed at about 45,000km's while my wife was driving alone in a remote part of Australia! The car needed to be retrieved and repaired.

2. Drivers side window failed and would not go up. This is apparently a common problem.

The car has two current problems:

1. I have been told by a mechanic that the front shock absorbers are wearing out as they squeak on bumps and will need to be replaced.

2. Occasionally there is a squeal when realeasing the clutch which I have been told is probably clutch bearing failure.

My overall thoughts on this car:

It still remains a comfortable car to drive and I enjoy getting behind the wheel. Fuel efficiency is excellent. However my feeling is this car lacks durability and reliability is only average to poor. I would not buy another VW golf, or another VW for that matter.

2nd Aug 2010, 09:46

Hi all.

Just bought a 2002 SE Golf 2.0L auto with only 60000 ks for the missus.

Fantastic on the outside, but failed to notice fuel consumption. The car uses on average 24l per 100 ks. The car has been with mechanics for a total of 2 weeks, and the bills are over 1200 so far trying to rectify the problem.

The only things not replaced are the oxygen sensor in the exhaust, and the computer.

Every time I get it back, it runs OK for a day or so, then back to its 24 litres per 100 ks average.

My Landcruiser was better and cheaper to run than this thing.

Any help would be appreciated.


5th Oct 2010, 17:27

Hi all, have a 2002 Golf 1.6SE. Love the car, but for one thing. The engine light keeps coming on, and have solved it twice via the garage over last year and half. New sensor in August, and now intermittently on. Triggers on slow brake as if it wants to stall. Finally trading it in.