10th Jan 2003, 02:44

VW build quality.

Have read postings related to above on this site reference Golf. I bought a new Right Hand Drive Golf GT TDI PD Diesel (115PS) in Jan 01. I sourced it from a German VW Main Dealer, as a personal import to UK.

Build quality was/is superb. I believe the Pre Delivery Inspection was thoroughly carried out, it took 3 days!!. I believe that UK dealers will not be as thorough, and this is a common issue in the UK.

Only one fault so far. (I do all servicing / maintenance myself) Trip computer went intermittent exactly as the 12 months warranty expired. Has now failed permanently. Annoying, but it is a processor fault within the Instrument cluster. Replacement Cluster £175 + VAT, but I will need access to VW data base for secret key code to install new one. Am cultivating local dealer with this in mind.

18th May 2003, 11:44

I've found out that all of VW gearboxes made, from the first Mk1 Golf through to the Mk4, have been made faulty by Volkswagen.

What seems to happen, is that the pinion shaft on the diff should be located by 2 cir-clips, but VW never used these clips; instead they used big headed rivets on the crown wheel to hold the pinion shaft in place, but these don't work, and the pinion shaft wears a hole in the gearbox, letting oil all over the clutch... and VW isn't bothered!

This problem is also called self machining syndrome, and affects all gearboxes made from 1984, and some Mk1 Golfs were affected! So yes I do think VW's standards are long gone!

I own a Mk2 Golf GT, and having known this problem occurs on the Mk3 and 4th Golf, I will not be buying VW, not to end up paying out £600 for another gearbox, when the other box was perfect until the pinion shaft came out!!!

Get on to VW, and complain about this problem!