25th Nov 2006, 07:15

Well maybe just made the worst decision of my (driving) life - just sold our loved GTD (luckily to a real VW enthusiast) - it's done 144,000 miles, completely trouble-free - all we've done is routine servicing and put diesel into it. I kid you not - 12 years of flawless service. The only reason we're selling it is that we need three seats in the back... the GTD is an amazing car - all the money went into the engineering, no silly frills, no power steering, no gadgets, no central locking... just solid engineering from the bottom up. They REALLY don't make them like this anymore...

29th Mar 2007, 10:54

Owned a lot of cars in the last few years, but the g2 gtd was the best to drive, and yes on a good road, it holds on like it's on rails.

The 1.6 engine punches above its weight as far as power is concerned, and when on boost, it flies.

Big big downsides are crap brakes, and even worse headlights, but as anyone who has ever sat in one will tell you, the driving position is really great.

One final note - I converted mine to rear discs, not a good plan, it cost lots and the brakes were no better.

26th Jun 2008, 09:10

My 91 Mk2 Golf GTD has now run up over 331000 miles. Still does over 60 mpg and can 'crack a ton' if needed.

Wake up Volkswagen and start making more cars like this!

4th Nov 2008, 10:26

I have a fully restored GTD! Its been resprayed in its Royal Blue metallic and had 700quid spent on the engine and suspension. Its all as original with no modifications and I can honestly say its the fastest, most reliable trouble free car I have ever driven. The only niggle-the rev counter stopped working!

If you have one, look after it-top the oil and water up, get it serviced every 6000miles and hang on to it, they are great. I have the original sale certificates and they were actually more expensive than the GTI!

29th Dec 2009, 05:21

I have bought a 1991 Golf GTD, and have had it for 2 years, and it has done 162862 miles, and had no problem with the car. Superb car.