29th Sep 2003, 20:21

Well, I guess I will be the exception!

I LOVE MY Volkswagen DIESEL!!!

You see this car is like a good wife, once you have one, you should pamper her, treat her slowly and be patient, granted the Volkswagen diesel is slow, but at 50 mpg, who cares!

Before winter I check and or replace the glow plugs, (a bad injector can RUIN a good glow plug!

Check pump timing, always test and or replace the injectors every three years, they are under $30 rebuilt exchange!

TIMING BELT EVERY YEAR!!!if you drive a lot, like me, then every 6 months, I know, the belt looks good, but it can be a disaster in waiting, just like the nice tall girl next door with the heels and the micro mini skirt, great on the outside, but inside???

Block HEATER is a must, and a lower weight oil in the winter, you can even add a little GASOLINE to the diesel fuel (see owners manual)

And finally I run TWO batteries in parallel, this starts the old faithfull every time, even in the coldest NEW ENGLAND winters!

If you have ANY questions, please let me know and I will advise to the best of my knowledge!


15th Sep 2004, 10:32

Is there a way of reducing the noise levels as cannot take people staring at me anymore some one pls help me.

7th May 2009, 14:17

Just got myself a 1991 1.6 Golf GTD Turbo DIESEL with quarter of a million miles on the clock.

Runs fine so far (2 weeks), no problems really.

Getting it in to 1st gear is a bit tricky, the only way I can get it into 1st gear is by putting it into 2nd gear, then getting the clutch to the metal, then a hard push into 1st while trying not to put it into 3rd gear (guaranteed stall), or pushing too hard on the gear stick as this will put you in to reverse.

The beast vibrates a lot on 1st start and whenever coming to a stop at junction / red light etc. Loud car inside and out.

Fast for a 20 year old diesel.

Good fuel economy.

Lots of comments about feeling the road in these cars through the steering wheel; not the case here as the steering wheel is constantly vibrating, especially when the car is not moving or doing over 60.

I miss the creature comforts of my old 1997 Fiesta Ghia 1.4 petrol (which failed its MOT due to rust issues, the entire bottom of the car is rust basically and too expensive to fix but the engine only has about 14k miles on it and everything else is perfect.) It has decent stereo, power windows, power steering, central locking etc etc. All of which are not on the Golf GTD.

The Golf GTD Turbo is a nice car, and economic, it’s just the amount it vibrates some mornings is ridiculous.

It's my mission though to get half a million miles on it. By then I should have massive arms from the lack of power steering and vibrating steering wheel.