3rd Mar 2004, 03:50

Exactly, I have a 1.8 16v (1990). I bought her at 129.000 but she looks and feels mint. Effortless power sees her hurtling toward 120 in what is for a 14 year old car an unfeasibly short space of time. Absolute dream to drive, handling is spot on, although it is about time for a new power steering pump. Noisy tappets are just a VW tradition, however I've heard that excessive noise on the 16v is an early sign of significant engine wear. Not sure though.

6th Aug 2004, 13:11

Usually with the 16v engine it is the cam-chain that produces the rattling noise not the tappets!

12th Nov 2004, 04:24

I am from South Africa. I recently bought a '92 golf 2 GTi 16v with 175 000km's on the clock. I had to repair the MFA which was /is a problem on the 90, 91 and 92 models. I am very impressed with the power-plant which can effortless reach 200km/h. I did service the machine which includes all belts with the tensioner. I am also a firm believer in expensive oil and changes it on frequent basis. I love driving my GTi and will never stop. I also had a Golf 1 CTi (1800 8v) and what a solid car that was. Both of them are legends.

29th Jan 2006, 04:51

In reply to the person who says that there weren't any 1.8 16v golf GTi's made between 1990-1992.

I have a 1991 GTi 1.8 16v on a 'J' plate standing outside my door right this minute! I have a complete service history for it, I know the name and address of every owner it's had, I know it has had 2 private plates in it's life and 2 standard registration numbers.

It began life in Northamptonshire, belonging to a landlord and has gone through 7 previous owners and has only migrated to Nottingham now. It very definitely IS a 16v and it really does all the things the original review says it does - My sons (13, 20 & 24) all want to get their hands on Mum's car, but I'll keep it to grow old disgracefully with - It's never let me down, you expect wear and tear replacements, and the rear callipers do seize after a bit, but the engine is as tight as it was when first made, the top end re-build, done to establish whether to keep it and love it, displayed a head and pistons to be proud of!

I've had 140mph out of this one and racing from a standing start against a Nova SRi and a BMW M3 over a distance of only 500yards, they left before me, and I crossed the marker with time for a tea break!

This little beauty is very provocative, you sit at lights in it, and it almost tells you 'come on let me loose, I want to fly'

This is my 3rd golf, the last 2 were 1.6 driver's both excellent, but I've driven nothing that comes close to this GTi.

I agree, the 8v are a bit more responsive lower end, but this one, you can be cruising at a sedate 70mph and put your foot down and still feel the surge as it flies.

I love my 16v - my sons friends come and look after it for me, I don't deal with the mechanical stuff very well these days, arthritis is the curse of getting older, and having got wet on numerous motorbikes over the years, but this car brings out the teenager that still lives in me!

I told my boys that the 'speed freak' factor is hereditory!

My car is referred to at 'Georgie', after my late father.

22nd Jan 2007, 00:21

Some people are dreamers. You only wish you could do 140mph in your golf. 120 maybe 125mph I could believe, but not 140. Before you try and shoot me down, I do own a mk2 GTI. Take ya hand off it boys and put the playstation controller down.