3rd Mar 2006, 00:38

Two more problems I had forgotten about:

All of the AC slats have broken. (not like it really matters since the AC no longer works...)

The lever to turn on the windshield wipers will not stay in the on position, so it must be held in place for the wipers to work while driving. very safe.

5th Feb 2008, 14:38

Looks like you're just not lucky with that car, I have same year VW Golf TDI 110bhp with manual transmission, and haven't got any problems with it yet. Best car I have ever owned...

14th Feb 2008, 15:09

The reverse gear problem is not user error. It is a bad tranny and a lot of them have this exact problem.

I bought a 1998 Golf Wolfsberg Edition. 2.0 5 speed.

Used with 50k miles.

My reverse gear makes the sound you got when as a kid you'd clip playing cards to your bike forks so that the spokes spun by them and made a clicking sound. The guy at the garage told me the tranny was "on the way out" and to "baby the reverse gear" and I might get another year or two out of it.

Electrical is also a complete mess. Radio, alarm system, lights, you name it - it's insane.

Just yesterday I drove through a puddle that was NOT terribly deep - probably 6 - 8", and probably splashed up onto the engine block pretty well. I got through it OK, and then the car sputtered and died. When I finally got it started, an hour later, my running lights were off, and one of my head beams was out.

I think these are lovely looking cars, and they drive nice and tight, but I was a FOOL to buy it. never again.

22nd Sep 2008, 16:12

I am on my 2nd mk3 golf. If you are the kind of person who takes good care of your cars and doesn't drive them irresponsibly, the golf will never let you down. That being said, the interior build quality is shoddy at best. The cloth tears like tissue paper!

My first golf was loaded down with all the power options which occasionally gave me trouble. I would strongly suggest getting manual windows as VW seems to get their power window equipment from cracker-jack boxes. The only problem is the manual cranks rattle like hell if you like your music loud. Minor issue I guess but it can get under your skin.

I have driven cross country at high speed in the middle of the summer with the AC up and averaged 35mpg. Bottom line, even cheap German engineering is still German engineering and these little 2 liter engines run like a top.

23rd Aug 2010, 17:52

Thank you all so much for this hilarious post. I am literally crying as I read this. Please, please, please keep going. I just bought a 97 VW golf, and all of the above is true. LOL.