1992 Volkswagen GTI 16V 2.0L 16v from North America


Most fun you can get for under 6 grand


You mean besides the front bumper being ripped off in a slide that was a little too deep?

Before I owned it, my friend and I were taking it through the AZ desert at about 120 mph, when bad gasoline bought at the border caused a valve to burn out. The rest of the head was perfect though.

Heater core blew, that was a recall issue, previous owner chose to ignore it.

Alternator went out at about 130K.

General Comments:

Set this car up well for a tight series of corners, and 350Zs will be left in your little tiny mirrors. Seriously.

Not outrageously fast up straights, (but fast for its time) corner entry is as fast as any car I have ever driven.

However, it is a VW.

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Review Date: 27th January, 2005

1992 Volkswagen GTI 8v 1.8L 8v from North America


I call it the poor ans porsche, also known as the high speed, fun to drive, crazy go kart! :)


So far, the only things that have happened to the car were completely cosmetic things basically except for a transmission problem which can be attributed to the previous owner not taking care of the car. The headlamp is broken (rock hit it on the freeway), the mirror glass shattered (me not paying attention when backing out), etc. Things of that nature. With the tranny the carrier bearings are out. Pretty common on these cars when they aren't well maintained.

General Comments:

I have had 7 Volkswagens, and I don't intend to buy anything else for awhile. They are magnificent little cars as long as you treat them responsibly. People who have issues with VW's are generally the same people who will never do preventative maintainance to the car and then complain when it dies. It's your fault, not the dubs. I have never had problems with my cars that I can say weren't my fault. You treat a VW well and it will repay you by running forever, always driving like a fun car should, and starting even in the coldest weather. (Minneapolis, MN! EEK!)

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Review Date: 19th January, 2004

20th Jan 2004, 08:02

Our family has also had good VWs in the PAST (1978 Rabbit, 1979 Rabbit, 1986 Golf, 1986 Westfalia, 1987 Jetta, 1994 Jetta). However, my 2002 VW Jetta is a lemon. Two auto transmission replacements in the car's first year? Ahhh...not due to lack of maintenance. ALL of my 2002 Jetta problems have been with leaking seals. After checking reviews and speaking with other VW owners, I am not alone. VWs' quality is on a downward slide. TIME magazine Dec. 8, 2003. Check it out.

9th Feb 2010, 01:23

Stick with the A2's and you will be happy forever! Ahh 3rd gear, sooo fun...


Veedub for life.

1992 Volkswagen GTI from North America


Great fun with the windows down...


Other than the slight oil usage (about 1/2 a quart every 3000 miles) it has performed well.

Water pump was replaced, and timing belt, fuel pump and motor mounts, since it has a 270 degree cam.

General Comments:

It's a fun ride. Hardly any problems. Except, if you are going to buy parts and do it yourself, call several VW dealers and find the best price. My OG water pump was 73.00 and an aftermarket pump with larger fins was 32.00.

Handles great with Neuspeed bars, and get a short shift kit to really enjoy the ride.

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Review Date: 16th January, 2001