2015 Volkswagen GTI S 2.0 turbo from North America


Fun little fast car


Random rattling noises inside cabin (steering wheel, engine when going up a steep hill).

Stock tires look really worn after 15,000 miles.

Paint wasn't perfect for a new car (Color Tornado Red).

General Comments:

Fun, fuel efficient car that feels underpowered when set in Drive and jerks at low speeds when set in Sport.

Easy to make fast; the dealership I got my car at recommended me APR because it wouldn't mess with the warranties.

2 door model is hard to get in and out because of the long doors.

Got my car new (36 miles) and it had paint damage around the back bumper edges; the paint wasn't perfect.

DSG transmission works fast, only issue was when in Sport mode and spirited driving, the engine revs would shift around the redline. One time I launched the car and hit 7,500 in first gear using DSG Sport mode. After that I started using the paddle shift to shift before the redline.

The car is great in rain and snow (don't recommend Sport mode in rain or snow; the tires will lose traction easy).

Had an issue with insurance calling the car a "Sports car" because of the turbo and charging more.

Not really a sports car, but I still managed to get an $860.00 speeding ticket.

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Review Date: 26th August, 2016

2015 Volkswagen GTI 2.0 turbo DSG from North America


Good evolution of the Golf GTI. Avoid the DSG. Keep an eye on oil and coolant levels


Oil and coolant were at the lowest point of their range at only 4500 miles, when I rolled off the rental car lot.

General Comments:

This was a 600 mile rental. I am a VW fan and choose a VW when I see them in the rental agency line-up. Overall, the new Golf GTI is a decent car, but as with past VWs, I question the long-term reliability. At 4500 miles the oil and coolant were low... take that however you wish. On the road, the car goes pretty well.

Very little torque-steer was found on hard acceleration.

The DSG transmission is a wretched device yielding lots of herky-jerky action in normal, everyday, low speed driving operations. Get the manual gearbox... drives better and will keep your girlfriend from wanting to drive it to the mall.

The interior cabin is rather quiet at road speed and the interior fit-and-finish is good, but surfaces have been economized as compared to previous VW products (gone is that silicone over-molding, which often peeled from interior bits. Yes!!!).

The fake engine noise (amplified intake noise) piped into the cabin is like a boy-racer headache device, better applied to Honda Civics emblazoned with huge "VTEC" graphics. It makes one tone, "Bhwaaa", over and over every time you mash the gas pedal. No change in tone or frequency. If I owned a VW with this electronic engine noise enhancement device, I would surely disconnect it!

The ride was good for a short wheel-based car with factory lowered sport suspension and low-profile tires. A bit thirsty for fuel... I got about 25 MPG with a mix of 75% highway and 25% city driving.

Would I buy a a DSG Golf GTI based on this rental experience? No. But I would have to consider buying one, with a manual gearbox... if that fake engine noise could be shut off!

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Review Date: 10th May, 2015