20th Jul 2009, 13:37

I'm somewhere over the 6000kms mark and my check engine light has come on, but everything was working as it should... until a colleague suggested that I check the oil dipstick. Sure enough, there was barely enough oil to wet the tip. This meant my engine burnt almost a litre of oil in the last 4000kms or so. Very worrisome. And why is it the check engine light would go on and not the oil light??? I subsequently added oil to bring the level back up and sure enough the CEL is now off. I've spoken with my service adviser at my VW dealer and he has scheduled me to come in for an oil consumption test later this week. Not sure what the outcome of this will be.

9th Feb 2010, 12:10

Just updating this. I'm at about 12000kms at this point. Almost all the problems I listed above have been fixed by either the dealer or myself (eg. the roof crease). I've gone almost a 1/2 year with no issues... is there hope for me yet???

Unfortunately I just got a recall notice for coil packs, but went with the recommendation of a VW friend and replaced them with the coil packs from a V6 Touraeg instead, and will wait for my turn when VW calls to bring my car in and hope they will compensate me.

I am still burning oil. Roughly 1 quart every 1500kms or so. I'm just not used to this at all. The dealer tells me it is because of the turbo, but I used to own a Subaru WRX and it didn't burn anything near as much as this...

9th Apr 2010, 12:16

I am around 14k kms at this point. I got an SRS failure warning light on the dash and went to the dealer. It was diagnosed as faulty crash sensors on the passenger side. Was repaired under warranty the next day. Again, very thankful for my local VW dealer for being good to me. I've heard/read so many horror stories from other unfortunate VW owners that received poor service from their dealers... I have never had that problem, which is probably why I still have my VW today, despite all the issues.

Still dreading the day my warranty expires though... powertrain will end in 2012. I really wish I had bought extended... sigh.

15th Mar 2011, 13:07

Currently at 23k kms. Got another notice from VW. My VIN comes up for bad airbag crash sensors. I've already had the passenger side hardware replaced (see above), but the dealer has gone through the car and confirmed that the part numbers come up as being the bad ones (including the driver side, which are still the originals). So when the parts show up, they will be pulling my car apart again... yay, more interior rattles and missing trim hardware for me >_<

15th Mar 2011, 13:09

Ugh I forgot to mention... I lost my favorite VW dealership. A change in management resulted in service advisers and mechanics either leaving on their own or were let go... It's not so pleasant there anymore. Now I have to run around trying to look for another dealer. Good times.

2nd Aug 2013, 13:26

This is a late report, and also my last.

At approximately 27k km, the high pressure fuel pump failed on me. The plunger ate through the cam follower bucket and wore off the lobe, and subsequently all the broken parts fell into the bottom of the engine. The check engine light went on and the car would not accelerate any more, although it was still running, leaving me stranded in rush hour traffic.

I had it towed to an independent VW shop, where they diagnosed the above. It also showed a loss of compression in one cylinder as well. I was getting a lot of blow-by from either the rings, turbo or the PCV, because there was a lot of oil inside the piping and around the valves (although the latter may be a poor DI design issue that plagues FSI motors).

After a few weeks struggling with VW and getting nowhere (this was before they issued yet another TSB stating the cam follower needs to be more frequently checked/replaced) I gave up and I paid out of pocket to get the car running again, which was around $3500. After I got the car back, I sold it for a loss... Never again will I own a VW.