1986 Volkswagen Jetta GL 1.8 8v from North America


I trust this car

General Comments:

This car is great on gas, better than most new cars.

The tiny little engine makes good power, the A/C works so good (very cold), it's very easy to fix, if it even breaks. It's cheap to fix, easy to find parts for this car. A lot of these cars have and will outlive their owners...

I drive my A2 80 miles round trip a day, to and from work.

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Review Date: 2nd October, 2010

1986 Volkswagen Jetta GL 1.8 Gas from North America


Cheap reliable car


Great car, I can't complain. I replaced the struts because of wear, I have had to pull the transmision and replace it because of the built in differential. It needs a voltage regulator for the alternator and the lifters are worn (ticks when it is cold). The Drivers seat is a little worn but still feels great.

General Comments:

This car has only 85hp it is just as powerful as a civic if not more. Overall this car has been great, German product at it's finest. The Car only takes 20 bucks for 1/4 of a tank, and it lasts me 2 weeks (about 350-400 Km a tank). I am a student and this car is perfect.

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Review Date: 4th May, 2008

1986 Volkswagen Jetta TDI from North America


Great little car


Little things like door latch, odometer,

General Comments:

I bought this car from a friend that upgraded to a new Jetta. This is the best little car I've ever owned. Work in construction and didn't really care about the appearance. Used it for a work car for 8 years, doing only normal maintenance. Timing belt, fuel filter, tires, oil change. Used fuel additive religiously. Never left me stranded. Finally just wouldn't start one morning and found out it was the fuel pump. Didn't want to spend the several hundred dollars to have it rebuilt, and sold it to a friend for parts for $125.00.

Did have just one issue though. The dual pulley system on the harmonic balance has a fixed pulley on the outside and plates on the inside. The plates began to wear and ruined them, so I just ground a half inch off the harmonic balance and used the fixed pulley to drive the alternator. Got another 15,000 miles. My friends just shook their heads, they didn't think it would last another week.

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Review Date: 6th April, 2008

1986 Volkswagen Jetta GL 1.8 SOHC from North America


Great job Volkswagen


A/C was out when we bought it so it wasn't such a bad deal.

We had to replace rear ball joint about 2 or three times.

Exhaust has rusted out so I put a performance exhaust on it.

General Comments:

This car has been in my family for about 10 years and it still runs better than our newer car. It gets top notch gas mileage about 27-29 in city and about 35-40 on the highway, we have to fill it up every 2 or three weeks.

The engine is indestructible and sips the gasoline.

I have had little problems with this car and I highly recommend this car!

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Review Date: 8th August, 2006

1986 Volkswagen Jetta Wolsberg 1.6 from North America


Out of 20 cars I've owned, this was the worst


Fuel pump 4 times.

Numerous Electrical problems.

Window leaks.

Malfunctioning doors and locks.

Heat core leak.


Clutch issues.

General Comments:

Fine to drive, takes corners fast. Not too fast, but gets a lot of fun out of small engine. Nice steering feel. Not reliable. Expensive to run (compared with Pontiac 6000s). 5 speed clumsy, difficult... but alsmost fun because it was a challenge to find reverse.

Interior is a joke. Seats were comfortable and firm but cheap cheap!

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Review Date: 28th March, 2006

28th Mar 2006, 20:28

I had a 1986 GTI (same car, but with a hatch instead of a trunk) that had the same problem with the fuel system. It was brand new and I got rid of it nine months later. I thought it was just a fluke back then, but I've heard of the problem occur on Jettas and Golf consistently until the mid 1990's. Electrical problems are another VW flaw which continues even on the new ones. Mechanics generally say that a good VW is an air-cooled VW.

29th Mar 2006, 09:46

I own a '93 Cabriolet, and it has been an extremely reliable & economical vehicle. It's still in great shape, I commute y50 miles per day in it. I plan on keeping it for a very long time.

Not all water-cooled VW's are troublesome.