1991 Volkswagen Jetta 1.8 from North America


Reliable at first, but high-maintenance toward the end


Antifreeze was leaking into the engine right after I bought it, but I have a feeling the mechanic I trusted didn't' tell me prior to me buying it in order to get the business.

I pretty much changed everything in the car except for engine and transmission.

General Comments:

When it drives, it drives like a dream, heavy German built automobile, I loved it. Don't trust anyone to repair your vw unless they are a dealer, I learned that the hard way, no one really knows vw's unless it's a dealer.

Too many glitches in the end before I gave it away.

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Review Date: 19th March, 2006

1991 Volkswagen Jetta from North America


When it's running, it handles nice


The alternator had to be replaced.

The front bumper continually gets caught on curb stops and pulls off.

The starter went bad at 117,000 miles.

The radiator had a leak in it at.

When it starts, it hesitates about three times and then surges.

General Comments:

The car rides very nicely, but the repairs are getting more and more expensive.

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Review Date: 24th November, 2004

31st May 2006, 19:03

I Believe that man is Right.

1991 Volkswagen Jetta GL 1.8 from North America


Simply amazing Jetta... true farfegnugen; another Honda-Eater


Nothing went wrong in the four years, 35K I owned the car.

General Comments:

This car was the love of my automobile life and I get sad when I think about the day that I sold it a month ago. The second generation Jetta's were awesome machines hands down.

The 1.8 motor is much faster than 105 hp makes it sound; that 105 would really turn the heads of people who would look at the old car and instantly think slow. The 3-speed automatic could have used overdrive, which was the only reason that I sold it, but didn't run much worse on the highway than my new '01 Jetta's 5-speed manual.

The styling of these classic Jetta's is truly unique and timelessly appealing...boxy, but aerodynamic too; and how many cars have black plastic trim around the fenders that actually looks good? For 1991 the bumpers were enlarged and the bottom sections were painted; this gave the cars a visual advantage over the previous years of the same generation.

Everything about my old Jetta was solidly built although there were a few squeaks (which I attribute to some washboards on a gravel road). The seats were totally amazing... my sister spilled chili on the passenger seat which soaked in for a good twenty minutes, but every drop came out and you cannot tell that it ever happened. The interior of that car looks brand new--no joke. The stereo sounds excellent; look for a model with 6 speakers (2 extra being in the front doors). The rear speakers often decay in the sun, but can be easily replaced.

This Jetta handled like it was on rails... I took all turns far too fast because that's what my '91 Jetta was made for. While my '01 Jetta handles very well, the 91's body doesn't roll on turns like its replacement.

The '91 Jetta never broke down and never gave me any hassles. I commuted 5-days a week 30 minutes to class for the last year that I owned the car and even lacking overdrive it never had any problems. The car was amazing in the snow too; it was a champ, a truly amazing machine. Don't let anyone talk you out of buying a Volkswagen, especially these second generation Jetta's.

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Review Date: 17th July, 2004

1991 Volkswagen Jetta GL 1.8 litre gas from North America


Efficient comfortable nice-looking car that is slowly draining my bank account


First off my Jetta was made in Mexico. I wanted a quality German made auto, but I guess VW thinks cheap labor is more important than a quality product.

Here is the list of things that have gone wrong or broke:

Headliner has peeled off and it will never go back up; I've tried.

Entire exhaust rusted and rattled itself to pieces. The whole exhaust system was just garbage.

Shifter is stiff and sloppy. It was fine when I got it, but it just seems to slowly get worse.

Radiator is deteriorating.

Exterior door handles are junk. They are hard to open and are slowly coming off.

Something clunks in the suspension when I go over bumps. And the rear struts had to be replaced.

Steering wheel seems a little crooked.

Starting get a bit of a rough idle.

...and countless other annoying things. Replacing anything is expensive. I take very good care of this car (my Dad is a mechanic) and I baby it, yet it continues to break itself.

General Comments:

I do love the look and feel of my Jetta though. It handles great and gets excellent gas mileage, although the gas mileage seems to be going down a tad.

The trunk is HUGE!

Its comfortable.

The heater can turn the car into an oven!

Pretty easy to work on.

Worst seatbelt design ever! There are two separate belts, the shoulder and lap. The shoulder belt has to be buckled in or the car will not start, I by-passed mine because it was too much trouble just to start the dang car.

I love just about everything on this car. I bet if it was German made, instead of Mexican, the quality would be much greater and there would be nothing to complain about.

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Review Date: 9th January, 2004

21st Nov 2006, 16:42

I have to say that everything that has gone wrong on your Jetta has also broken on mine. Even the headliner. I can't find a glue that will keep that thing up, but the staple gun worked! Even with those problems I have really enjoyed this car. It's just too fun to drive, handles too well & too gutsy for the measly 1.8 liter that it has to give it up. And yes, mine was also built in Mexico. I will avoid that in the future if I can...

13th Mar 2008, 19:51

I have the same seat belt design as yours which is rather rare in Canada. I've had more than five try to jump over the belt; only two slid into it and I believe one of them didn't notice it because it was dark out. I loved being able to slide into my car without concern of buckling up.

I've only had the same problem with the exterior handles in the back. The two front ones only are difficult when it's below freezing.

Love the oven comment. I've baked myself in it before.

23rd Mar 2009, 11:21

Well I mean I have the same car, it was made in Germany and it's now 18 years old, the only problem I'm having with it is the trany seems to be slippin a little, not too serious, yet. But other than that, it's running great and everything else about the engine is going good.