2012 Volkswagen Jetta SE with convenience & sunroof 2.5 liter 5 cylinder from North America


I could not have done better with my purchase


No problems whatsoever.

General Comments:

Love this car! My previous car was a 2002 Jetta GLS. That car was the 6th car that I have owned, and it was my first car that I could ever say that I truly loved. In fact, I still have it, because I could not part with it (it will become my son's first car in about a year).

Anyway, it wasn't even a question that I would get another Jetta. I honestly don't think I will ever drive anything but VW's from now on. I love the quality and beauty of their cars.

Other than normal maintenance from time to time, my 2002 Jetta was so reliable. So that is my main reason for purchasing a 2012.

This car is fantastic! Runs so smooth, has great pickup, still corners beautiful, despite not having the multi-link rear suspension - really, I can't say enough about this car!

And the size difference is unbelievable! Everyone who sits in my backseat cannot get over the difference; it's like I have a Passat instead of a Jetta.

I highly recommend this car for anyone wanting a quality car with lots of features, for less money than the competition.

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Review Date: 31st August, 2012

2012 Volkswagen Jetta from North America


The 2012 Jetta is a great car


The wipers stop when the car stops, even in heavy rain. When I arrive at an intersection, I WANT to see what's coming towards my car, but if it rains, I can't. The wipers stop working. Linking the operation of wipers with the speed of the car is one of the stupidest things I have ever encountered. It is simply dangerous. Has the author of this "improvement" ever driven this car in heavy rain? I don't think so.

Also, AC and the air recirculation turn on automatically when the temperature knob is turned all the way left. Another very annoying feature. I would like to turn the AC on when I want, not when the car wants.

Milan Stolka

585-223 5309.

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Review Date: 12th June, 2012

12th Jun 2012, 14:44

Do your wipers actually fully stop, or do they drop down to a lower speed? BMWs all have a type of wiper system where when you stop, the wiper reverts 1 speed lower. If you were in heavy rain, then the wipers would be at high speed, so stopping will drop it down to low speed. If your wipers were on low speed (rain not hard enough), then it will revert to intermittent. If it isn't like that, then it looks like someone decided a much simpler "full stop" system would suffice.