26th Jun 2008, 19:51

You let your timing belt break... that's operator error... come on... a timing belt needs to be replaced every 60k miles.

27th Sep 2008, 11:46

My car is only 60000 miles and I have too many problems. This car is piece of trash. I will never buy Volkswagen again.

8th Dec 2008, 17:00

Hello I am writing in response to your experience with your 2000 VW Jetta. I'll admit that they do need routine maintenance, which can be costly, but if you know a good VW repair shop, they will inspect your car from head to toe and let you know what needs to be replaced and when.

I just had to pour 650 dollars into mine to fix a cylinder head. Replaced plugs and wires, intake gaskets and vac hoses. To be honest with you that was the first costly repair I've had to make to my 2000 Jetta GLS. Now it purrs like a kitten, and now I must save to replace the timing belt and water pump, which should be replaced every so often as well. Unfortunately with a foreign car, the parts and labor both are always going to be more expensive if you're having the repairs done by a certified VW mechanic.

I know that the VW's produced I believe from 1999.5 - 2004/5 were assembled in Mexico, so I feel the quality of production for these model years were compromised to an extent. What do you say?

29th Dec 2008, 20:22

I bought my wife a used 39,950KL 2000 Jetta GLS back in mid 2002. Nice car in the beginning but soon found out that it appears to be built with LOW bidder parts from the 4 corners of this planet.

Over time the oil consumption has gone up to 1 liter per 1000KMS, (1 Quart per 2 tanks of gas). Any one else have oil consumption problems? I've heard it's a common problem with these 2.o liter engines. And yes the glove box, cup holders, rear ashtray, power mirror knob, etc. etc are in need of replacing. My local dealer makes most of there money on the service end of things. Just think if they gave the cars away for free and made you sign an exclusive service contract with the dealer.

24th Jan 2009, 23:25

If you like Jettas, only get 1.8t or VR6! Everyone knows 2.0 have problems...

1.8t have the least problems.. especially if you have maintenance on time!

26th Feb 2009, 13:05

I'm of German descent, and thought it was ideal to buy a VW. I own a 2000 Jetta GLS and have had numerous problems with it as well. Brakes, timing belt, that all happens with age in any car -- but leave it to VW to put in the WRONG spark plugs, which caused my car to seize and shudder when coming to a complete stop, turning itself off or not starting at all.

The passenger side window clips broke, causing the window to fall through. After learning they had been recalled, without noticing myself, they broke again upon replacement. The passenger side window then began to lock itself in place, not going down when I would hit that magic button to make it go down -- their reasoning for it, the clips. NOW the driver side window is doing the same thing.

The catalytic convertor was also recalled and replaced.

The sway bar, struts and wheel bearings went.

The brake calipers, or whatever they're called, broke in half and needed to be replaced.

I have replaced all the senors in the vehicle, and the coils for the suspension.

The engine light has been on for 2+ years -- when it came on I took it to VW where they told me nothing was wrong with the car. The light was off, but after driving it for less than 3 hours the light came back on. BACK to VW I went, where they told me that "it's normal for the check engine light to come on in the vehicle, it just happens, nothing is wrong with it though"... what kind of B/S is that? SO the light is still on, and there is no problem that can be found by anyone -- VW specialists, the dealership, other mechanics.

Well, my VW won't start sometimes. I turn the key and it'll turn itself on, but then it quickly shuts down. I have taken it in for this problem on multiple occasions, apparently no one can find the problem -- they'd have to take the engine apart, which would cost an arm and a leg to do. SO I'm stuck with my POS VW. I used to love this car, but it's just problem after problem. The repairs are ridiculously expensive. Thinking of all the money I've put into this car makes me sick.

I will never buy another VW made in North America again, they're produced out of Mexico, and as far as I'm concerned, Mexicans cannot build a German vehicle. The only ones that last are those made in Germany. Stay away from VW's!

2nd Apr 2009, 14:24

I have had problems with my 2000 Jetta and the immobilizer. My car will start but shut itself off immediately, which means I am stuck wherever it happens. After replacing the left backdoor lock which would not lock, and the VW people doing all kinds of costly repairs to fix that problem, it is still doing it. I have had it since 3 years now. I figured out a way to get it started though: Get out of the car, take keys out of ignition, unlock all the doors (not with the key!!!), open all the doors, and trunk, then close all of them, and it usually starts... fun thing! otherwise I really love how it drives...

25th Aug 2009, 19:20

I love my 2000 Jetta. It has a ton of aftermarket parts.

Most people find a certain problem with a car and get stuck on it, like when I hear "I won't buy a Dodge because the transmission sucks in them". Well if it goes out, don't put in a stock garbage part. All cars have some sort of imperfection. If you want your ride to be perfect, don't be cheap.

I have never had a costly repair to my car, and it because of something most people neglect to do; it's called maintenance.

If your car starts causing problems and you wait until you're stranded on the side of the road, well you can't blame your car for that.

My Jetta is great and I intend to keep it that way...

1st Dec 2009, 12:32

I have a 2000 VW Jetta 1.8t with 165000 miles.

I've changed it to synthetic oil at 120000 miles no problems.

If you want your car to treat you good, you have to know your car. The mechanics are not your friends, they want to make money.

If you have a sensor go on your VW and don't change it yourself, or your timing belt breaks or brake sensor (breaks), any number of parts that go and should not, it's your fault.

My VW is a good little car. Good gas mileage and good power. I intended to get this car to 300,000 and over out of it. Good German car. But you do have to watch your car, any make or model. Don't be scared to pop the hood and investigate.

VW mechanics suck; they will mess your car up. I sent my car for a oil change; they stripped the pan, and wanted to charge me 600 parts+labor for a whole new pan. I said hell no. Went to NAPA, got a $2.50 over side drain plug, took the old one out, put the new one in, it was as easy as screwing a bolt in. VW told me I was wrong for doing that, it won't work, but it's still in.

I have to fight with them every time I bring it in. Don't ever settle for the asking price; you can always get money off or tell them to forget it.

If you read a review and it's some guy listing one problem after the next on any car, it's the driver of the car's fault that the car sucks. Not saying they're not POS VW, but you can see that before you buy them. Some people are just let mechanics take them on rides. If your friend tells you what your car needs, you need to start learning yourself; you drive it every day, not your friend or mechanic. If you start doing your job, your VW should get 300,000 no problem.

12th Jan 2010, 12:25

I have a 2001 1.8T and I am at 122000 miles with no serious problems. I had to change a bushing, water pump, timing belt, and a battery, which is always the case with any car around my age (wear and tear). I think it's a matter of luck and how you treat your car. I'm perfectly happy with VW!!

2nd Jun 2010, 20:45

Blaming the owner is the easy excuse. Sometimes it's true, but after helping a guy at the shop where I work get his Jetta running again, I can assure you the engineering is horrid.

Three of the other mechanics and I had a real laughfest at the ridiculous placement of many items and the cheap materials used.

No, we are not a bunch of rednecks. Okay one guy really is. LoL Personally, my Suzuki is a great car, low maintenance too. We are about half domestic and half foreign built owners. A damn shame about VW because the pre-1999 cars were very good quality. My sister owned a 1998 Jetta and it was a very impressive car.

Just look at the dive in their market share, hard to argue with that.