10th Sep 2009, 07:02

Original poster.

Got the car back from the dealer, they said the problem was with the throttle not working properly, and that was responsible for the car not idling properly, leading to the problems experienced. I guess I will take their word for it, but now I find the car is not as responsive off the mark as it was before. I think I hate my new Jetta.

On another note, when I got the car back there was grease all over my upholstered armrest.

25th Sep 2009, 14:57

Original poster.

Car is in the shop AGAIN, 2 days after its 1000km service. The car was stalling at traffic lights, in traffic, while driving... you get the idea.

I took it in and they have had it for the past 2 days. The service dept called and said the car had an electrical problem and the fault codes were not clearing. Whatever.

At this point it is clear that either the car is unfixable or the dealer cannot fix it, same thing as far as I am concerned.

I am going to demand a new car to replace this one. I only hope it is not also a total piece of crap.

1st Oct 2009, 14:46

Original poster.

Got the car back after a few days, they said they reprogrammed the cars computer. Following day, EPC warning light was back on and the car lost most of its power, making the drive back to the dealership very perilous. I have left it with them and said I never want to see it again. I want a new car, this one is a LEMON.

6th Nov 2009, 21:20

Got the car back again after almost a month in the shop. VW Germany said the problem was with a transmission harness which was replaced. I tried to get a new car, but the dealer said he was obligated to VW to try to fix it. If it happens again then they will give me a new car. So far it is working well, I just have to keep my fingers crossed that it does not happen again with my wife and son in the car in a bad area.

8th Nov 2009, 17:13

Make them take the thing back and run away from Volkswagen as fast as you can.

I've owned 10 Volkswagens, but with the problems they've been having in recent years, I seriously doubt that I'll ever own another.

What a shame - My first car was a 1967 Volkswagen 111 Sedan (Std. Beetle).

2nd Jul 2012, 07:04

Original poster again.

Vehicle warning lights flashing and beeping (again). Dealer thought it was ABS module; turned out to be the ABS pump, which cost 4000 US to replace. Warranty was up in December, so that was out of pocket. Spoke to some other people with Jettas, and they all have had electrical/electronic problems.