13th Aug 2007, 13:06

Thanks for all the comments. I was about to pay $3000 for a 1999 WE jetta.

16th Aug 2007, 01:21

I've had my 1999 Jetta Wolfsburg for 6 years now and not one single problem... I LOVE THAT CAR!! It runs great and is beautiful. Everything from the paint to the engine is great! I have a Saab (newer) as a second car and would soon buy another Jetta in a second if I thought they were what they were in 1999. The Jetta is not a "sports car" but has been safe and reliable for years! YAY FOR MY JETTA! I would recommend it to anyone. Then again, I have taken good care of her. What a joy to own!

27th Aug 2007, 01:50

I too have a 1999 Wolfsburg edition. Both my back windows kept falling down and now they don't work at all. My back floor is also wet. It also idled very weird, the garage replaced the mass air flow sensor and it didn't really seem to help. My check engine light is also always on and off by itself. I've dumped thousands into this car. I've replaced the radio because of the volume problem. Is there recalls with these cars??

I've had oil leaks, numerous oil changes, tune ups, struts and mounts replaced, stereo replaced, break and E break problems, an odd noise when I turn the wheel, water issues, the material had stains when I bought it, and every time I try to get it cleaned it leaves water marks.

Now my keyless entry button just broke. I have no ides where to get another VW button. Guess I have to call the dealer. I wonder if the Golfs and Cabrios in that time frame share these problems?

6th Sep 2007, 19:26

We just purchased a 1997 Jetta and discovered that the car only starts sometimes. The battery is new and when it does not start, it will sometimes start whne holding the key in the starting position for upto 1 minute. Other times it will not start at all, but when trying it again after a day or 2 days the car will start. When it does not start the starter does not turn, it is silent. We don't know if we should have the starter replaced or have the ignition switch replaced. Has anyone out there had this problem or is having this type of problem? Thanks WJ@Right-Direction.com

21st Sep 2007, 16:07

I just got a 99 Wolfsburg Jetta for FREE. The guy was tired of messing with it LOL. It has some of these issues you all are mentioning, but for a free car it's way worth it, but it helps to know how to work on em. Go buy a Haynes manual and go to the junkyard for parts instead of the dealership, and you won't have to sink thousands into it. Good luck.

4th Oct 2007, 17:40

OK, so I bought my 99 Jetta about a year and a half ago, trading in my 96 Ford Ranger. I have discovered that I was in idiot.

My check engine light and EPC (electronic power control) have been on since a month after I bought it. So conveniently my limited warranty on the dumb car expired 30 days after it was purchased. I am still making payments on it and will be for the next year and a half.

I do all the annual work to the car, but the lights still come on whenever they feel like it. I have looked and asked people if they know what I can do about this without getting ripped off by the dealers. If anyone has any ideas, I would really appreciate it.

12th Oct 2007, 15:42

I know there is a lot of unhappiness here. But I have owned a 1980, 1990, 1997, (2001 totaled), and now I just purchased 1999 Wolf old body. I just sold my 1991 Mercedes 190e for this Jetta, because I have always owned one, and never really had any major problems. I would take a VW anytime.

Would some of you please post your outcomes!!! I sure will let everyone know my outcome.

My car is at the mechanic as I'm typing this comment. My alarm is malfunctioning, and speed indicator works sometimes.

After reading all of these comments, I contacted my mechanic, because he previously told me that it could be the ignition switch also, but he does not want to change it, and I have the same problem, so he has to take apart the dashboard.

If anyone wants to contact me, feel free to contact me at my e-mail address lapazbc@yahoo.com

26th Oct 2007, 18:55

Well I just bought a 99 we jetta, and by hearing all of this, anyone wanna buy it? 20 bucks.

27th Oct 2007, 15:10

I own a '99 Jetta Wolfsburg Edition! I have had all these problems. I bought it in '99 as my first new car. My rubber strip things on the side have fallen off and I have had to replace them. All my windows have fallen down into the doors and I have had to also fix those too. The rubber piece for the fuel door has long since been missing in action, my engine makes a loud interior clicking sound, radio turns up when I try to turn it off and the car will shut off in the rain IF I drive over semi-deep puddles (still have to get that last one looked at). You know what though? Its black on black. Runs really strong on 71,000 miles, and with my stock chrome rims, I still continue to turn heads and get nods from other Volkswagen admirers.


1st Jan 2008, 16:41

Well I have a 99 old body GLX jetta. I bought it 5 years ago for nearly 15 thousand dollars...$320 a month at 8.5% If I didn't have a co-signer, I may have stopped making the payments! What a nightmare. for 2 of the years it was sitting, because I could not afford the repairs. MAF, 3 coils, windows don't work, knock sensor, O2 sensor, radio cuts in and out, throttle body, cruise control, speedometer works only sometimes, ABS light check engine light... all come on constantly. I bought a diagnostic computer, and you would laugh... I erase the codes every morning, and by noon there are a whole list of new ones. I have replaced nearly every sensor in this car, and in many cases... more than once. I bought it because it was good looking and I had owned several VW's in the past. I can say this... I will never own a VW again. If you have on of these... sell it if you can, even if you take a loss! VW has lost a 3 decade loyal customer with this POS!! I still have it because I couldn't live with myself if I passed it on to someone else. FInally I have finished paying it off!!! I may drive it into a lake... or better yet, a demolition derby!!! yeah! such a shame because the car is awsome 5-10% of the time.

17th Jan 2008, 13:38

Hi folks. I have a 99 Jetta later model. I bought it used last year. I'm pretty handy at fixing my cars over the past 30 years, as Haynes manual and junk yards are good resources. But every so often I get stuck.

Since I bought Jetta, I cannot solve a terrible intermittent sound when starting car. It sounds like a "goose" or "crow" and is loud. It lasts about 1 second just after car starts. It does NOT do it all the time, but often. I spent a day once trying to isolate the problem and could not solve it. I eliminated possibility of starter motor. I suspect it may be a vacuum pump somewhere. Also, I heard another Jetta make exact noise at a gas station once. But I was not fast enough to run over and ask driver about sound. Any ideas out there?

Another issue I'm working on for past couple days is bad AM on factory radio. I replaced with non-VW radio and same problem. I made mistake of buying new roof mast from dealer for $52. It did not fix problem and VW won't take it back. I should have stuck with junk yard. It would have cost about $5. to try it out. Shame on me.

Sometime later I'll try to fix broken cruise control.

A few nights ago while on a trip back home and about 200 miles from home, I could NOT turn alarm OFF. Seemed like batteries in remote were bad, although less than a year old. Remote did nothing. I checked manual and found no good info to get me going. I could unlock door with key, but when I tryed to start car, alarm would sound and car would not start. I even called VW number in manual, but they did not know how to help; 9:00PM dealers closed for info. Finally I discovered when you unlock the truck with the key, you have about 10 second to jump in car and start it. I then got back on the road. Later, the remote worked again.

That's it for some of my observations and hope for help.